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President Asks Regional Heads to Explore Potential Exports of Agricultural Commodities

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KABAR RAKYAT – Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asked regional heads to explore the export potential of agricultural commodities in their respective regions.

“I ask governors, regents and mayors to explore export potential in their respective regions. Immediately work on agricultural commodities that have the potential to be developed,” said the President when releasing the 2021 Agricultural Export Freedom, Saturday (14/08/2021), virtually from the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java.

In addition, the President also requested that farmers be strengthened by being given access to capital, technological innovation, and assistance.

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“I’ve talked a lot with the president directors of banking so that agriculture gets special attention, because this is an opportunity. As previously stated by the Minister of Agriculture regarding porang, there is a big market that we can enter,” he said.

However, the Head of State also reminded that downstreaming should be carried out, not exporting products in raw form. “The exports should not be raw, especially in the form of tubers. At least it is already in the form of shredded or thankfully finished goods or ready-made porang rice. I think our target is downstream,” he said.

The President also asked that farmers be connected to supply chains both nationally and globally. Thus, farmers and agricultural business actors can easily export their products, so that they can develop into export-oriented agricultural production centers.

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“Currently, out of 514 regencies and cities throughout Indonesia, only 293 regencies/cities have centers of leading export agricultural commodities, be it palm products, rubber, coffee, and several other commodities that the global market is interested in. There are still many commodities with great potential to be developed,” he said.

Agricultural commodities with great potential to be developed include swallow nests, porang, essential oils, jasmine flowers, ornamental plants, edamame, and other horticultural products.

“If we really pay attention, it will become a good product for us to export. And also processed livestock products whose markets are also increasingly open,” said the President.

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However, the Head of State reminded me that it is not enough to focus on increasing my production but what is also important is mastering technology to increase productivity.

“Doing downstream to increase added value and calculate economies of scale by clustering, this is very important, as well as mechanization of product development and promotion of digital-based products. We must also develop this so that our agricultural products are more widely known and more competitive,” he said.***

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