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how to make a comic with sample pictures I want a Doraemon comic I will give 100 points

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Comics are picture stories. In making it, a comic artist must have imagination and good drawing and storytelling skills.

Practicing making comics is not that difficult, if you prepare a few things and know how to make them.

The preparation may include equipment and the theme of the story to be drawn. While the way of making it includes several important steps.

Quoting from the book Guru Zaman Now (Guruku, My Friends) (2017) by Dian Marta Wijayanti, here are some preparations for making comics:

Prepare the necessary tools

In making comics, the equipment needed is in the form of free-size drawing paper. Usually the paper material used to make comics is 80 gr or 100 gr HVS.

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Then prepare pencils, erasers, rulers, markers, colored pencils or crayons for coloring. This equipment can change, depending on the wishes of the comic artist.

Determining the theme

The theme is one of the things that must be prepared. Before starting to make comics, first determine the theme or concept of the comic that will be made.

How to make comics

After preparing the tools and determining the comic theme, the next step is how to create a comic.

The following is the explanation, which was released from the book Making Comics: The Secret of Telling Stories in Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels (2008) by Alpha Febrianto:

Write the story first

A big theme that has been designed in advance, write it in the form of a more specific story. Starting from the plot, characters, characterizations, setting and so on. To make it easier, the arrangement of this story can be written on another paper.

Determine the moment to be drawn

After the story is formed, choose which moment or story to draw first or not to use it. It is recommended to draw with a pencil so that when it is wrong it can be erased and drawn again.

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Word choice

If it has been drawn, write the conversation according to the desired word selection, for example using standard language or everyday language. Writing words in comics using dialogue balloons, try not to be too big because they can cover the picture.

Image and word correction

When you have finished drawing and writing sentences in the comic, don’t forget to re-correct the drawing and writing the words. If something goes wrong, it can be deleted and corrected again.

Give it the right color

After making corrections and making sure that the comic is the way you want it, bold the image and dialogue bubbles using a marker. Next, give a color that matches the comic image, using crayon color pencils.

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