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Attending the Inauguration of the Simalungun FKBNI, this is an invitation from the Regent of Radiapoh Sinaga

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The Regent of Simalungun, Radiapoh Hasiholan Sinaga with the invitation while attending the inauguration of the Simalungun FKBNI.

Simalungun, | Simalungun Regent Radiapoh Hasiholan Sinaga attended the inauguration of the Regional Leadership Council (DPD) of the Simalungun Indonesian State Defense Community Forum (FKBNI), located at the Simalungun MUI Building, Saturday (14/8/2021).

Appearing to be present, Danrem 022/PT was represented by Kasrem, Lieutenant Colonel Inf Elri Priyanto, Head of the Legal Division, Franky Purba SH MH, Chairman of the FKBNI DPP, Jon Piter Sinaga, Chairman of DPW FKBNI North Sumatra, Ruslan, Secretary of MUI Simalungun, Rasidin Siregar and limited invitations and implemented health protocol (prokes).

The inauguration was marked by the installation of a pin by the Chair of the FKBNI DPP and the handover of the plaque by the Chair of the North Sumatran FKBNI. The Regent and Danrem 022/PT represented by Kasrem also received pins from FKBNI Simalungun.

The Regent in his speech said that the partnership between the Simalungun Regency Government and Community Organizations (Ormas) such as FKBNI and Nagori-Nagori in this area is expected to continue to be developed in the future.

“Simalungun Regency has a very large area with fertile soil conditions. We can make this one of the superior products in this area, and people who are crowded and want to interact with positive things, “said Radiapoh.

The Regent invited all FKBNI components to jointly advance the Simalungun community. “I believe that FKBNI cadres have the best sons and daughters to build Simalungun Regency. Hopefully, with our togetherness, Simalungun will be more advanced and dignified,” he said.

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Radiapoh expects FKBNI to participate and jointly break the chain of distribution in Simalungun. So that in the future, Simalungun can avoid Covid-19.

Jon Piter in his speech said, FKBNI is a place to work. According to him, FKBNI is not just a mass organization and association, but a place to work to advance the nation, for integrity as national integrity.

“I invite all natives to work together in FKBNI. Let us act, act humanistically by not discriminating between Religion, Tribe, Race and Between Groups (SARA), ”he explained.

Meanwhile, the chairman of FKBNI Simalungun, Roberton Nainggolan, said that he would develop the FKBNI to Nagori. Because in accordance with the vision and mission of FKBNI, it is very noble and ready to synergize with the Simalungun Regency Government.

“We also have a concept of how to take advantage of the potential in Nagori, especially the problem of plants in Simalungun,” he said.

In accordance with the Decree of the DPW of the FKBNI of North Sumatra Number: 00.05/DPPW-FKBNI/SK/VIII/2021, as Chairman of FKBNI Simalungun, Roberton Nainggolan, Deputy Chairman, Wardiono and Sarmedi Sipayung, Secretary, Suwardi, Deputy Secretary Indra AP Saragi and Treasurer Herdin Silalahi.

The management is equipped with the National Education and Teaching Division, the Legal Awareness and Human Rights Division, the Nusantara Healthy Village Division and the Nusantara Tree Friends Division. (Rail/Zai)

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