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5 Ways to Beautify the Walls of a House on a Minimal Budget

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JAKARTA, – Interest in home improvement has reached an unprecedented level during the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

This is because people finally have the time and opportunity to make the changes they have been thinking about during the pandemic.

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Just spending time at home during the pandemic means you are constantly staring at the walls of your house, which in some houses feels plain and empty. This is the perfect area to start repairing and beautifying.

Launching from the page Today’s Homeowner, Sunday (15/8/2021), here are five ways to beautify the walls of the house with a minimal budget.

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Wall paint

The easiest way to transform a wall is to paint it and this task is faster than ever.

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If you used to have to apply a primer before painting the walls, now there are paints and primers available to simplify the work.

Better yet, choose paint all in one with antifungal and antimicrobial coating, which is great for kitchen, bathroom and closet trim.

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Add backsplash

For empty kitchen walls, especially those behind the sink, try installing backsplash.

In addition to adding new colors to the room or complementing existing ones, backsplash makes cooking oil and splashed water easy to clean. Ceramic, glass, marble and mosaic are some of the choices backplash popular ones.

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Apply frame

If you want to add character and dimension to another room in your home, but don’t want to take over the entire wall, frame or wainscoting is the answer.

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