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Gado-gado Recipe, How to Make Betawi Gado-gado, Easy Lunch Menu

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TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM – Confused about which lunch menu to serve for your beloved family?

This Betawi gado-gado can be an option.

This betawi gado-gado recipe is suitable to be served as a lunch menu.

Also included for dinner.

Because this Betawi gado-gado is rich in vegetables.

In addition, how to make this Betawi gado-gado is also quite easy.

So that it can be made yourself at home.

Unlike Surabaya’s gado-gado, Betawi’s gado-gado does not use coconut milk to make its peanut sauce.

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In this Betawi gado-gado recipe, ingredients such as brown sugar, lime leaves, and kencur are used to make the seasoning.

As the filling, use chayote pieces, green beans, dried lettuce, and red tomatoes.

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