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Get to know the parts of the house and their various functions that must be considered

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Home is a place for humans to take shelter and rest from tiring daily activities.

Because of its very vital function, the house is categorized as a primary need that cannot be tolerated.

Imagine if you don’t have a house, everything will be very difficult.

In a house there are various corners of the room that have their respective functions and uses.

Before you decide to buy a house, it’s good to know the parts of the house and their functions.

Parts of the house and their functions

Front page

Front page (You home)

Before entering a house, generally residents and guests who come will pass the front yard of the house which is filled with various decorations such as plants, trees, fences and statues.

Not all types of houses have front yards.

One reason is because the land area is limited or used for other purposes.

The function of the front yard of the house itself is to beautify the appearance of the house, so that it becomes a place for family play to become a place to channel the hobby of growing plants.

House Terrace

House Terrace (Pinterest/Babe)

After passing through the front yard of the house, there is a terrace of the house that we often pass before entering a dwelling.

The terrace of the house is often considered trivial for some people so it is not designed attractively.

In fact, the terrace of the house can be one corner of the house that is able to release stress.

You can do various activities on the terrace of the house such as drinking coffee, family gatherings to welcoming guests who come to the house.

So try to design this part of the house attractively, yes!

Sitting room

Sitting room (Jasadesainrumahonlinedisurabaya)

As the name implies, the living room has a function as a place to entertain guests who have just come to a house.

The living room is usually filled with various furniture such as lamps, sofas, tables, paintings to antique jars.

So that guests who come can feel comfortable sitting in the living room, try to design the corner of this room neatly and cleanly.

Because if it is not regulated properly, it can create a negative impression for guests who come to the house.

Family room

Family room (Apartment Therapy)

After the living room, there is a family room that must be owned by all types of residence.

The family room serves as an entertainment center as well as a place to socialize between family members when enjoying free time.

Therefore, the family room must be designed very comfortably and attractively.

In addition, in the family room can also be placed various electronic equipment such as television, game console, home theater or other entertainment equipment so that all family members can spend their free time together.

Dining room

Dining room (Instagram/Teni_feriyanto)

Furthermore, there is a dining room that functions as a gathering place for all family members when they have breakfast, lunch or dinner together.

Some of the furniture that must be in a dining room are tables, chairs, lamps and some other decorations to enhance the appearance of the room.

home kitchen

Kitchen (Instagram/ratihjavariani)

One thing that should not be left out of a house is the kitchen.

The kitchen is where family members spend their time cooking.

The furniture that is generally in a kitchen is a kitchen set, refrigerator, sink and cupboard for plates and glasses.

Bathroom or WC

Bathroom (Pixabay)

Furthermore, there is a bathroom or toilet that can be used by residents of the house to shower or defecate.

Although the duration of time spent in the bathroom is the least compared to other rooms, you should not underestimate a unique and attractive bathroom design.

You can design a bathroom with a minimalist, modern or Mediterranean concept as you wish.

Equipment that must be in a bathroom includes a shower or bathtub, toilet seat, mirror and sink.


Bedroom (Pixabay)

The bedroom is a place where residents of the house rest after a day of activities.

So that the quality of your sleep can be maximized.

You must design the bedroom according to your wishes and of course comfortable.

Use a bed that has a soft material.

In addition to a bed, in a bedroom there is also a wardrobe, a work or study desk, windows, lamps and air conditioning.


Backyard (Instagram / hijaudijuni)

Like the front yard, the backyard can also be used by residents of the house as a place of refreshing.

The backyard of the house has one advantage, namely that there is more privacy for residents who want to spend time compared to the front yard of the house.

Not a few people who use the backyard as a place of entertainment such as swimming pools to BBQ places with family and closest relatives.


Home Garage (Porchlightreading)

The last part of the house that should not be missed is the garage.

The garage is a place to park two or four-wheeled vehicles belonging to the residents of the house.

In addition to parking vehicles, the garage can also be used as a place to store home utensils.

Well, that’s the names of the parts of the house and their functions that you can know.

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