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Forest on the slopes of Mount Gandul is on fire

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WONOGIRI, – The forest on the slopes of the peak of Mount Gandul, Saturday night (12/8) caught fire. The fire burned shrubs and forest stands of the Sonokeling species in Plot 12 of the Cubluk Forest Management Resort (RPH), the area of ​​the Wonogiri Forest Management Unity Agency (BKPH).

“The flames have been seen from a distance since after Maghrib,” said Widodo, looking at the slopes of the peak of Mount Gandul from the Angkot terminal.

Mount Gandul, towering on the west side of the heart of Wonogiri City. The finding of this forest fire was immediately reported to the village apparatus and forwarded to the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Wonogiri Regency.

The Head of BPBD Wonogiri Regency, Bambang Haryanto, immediately mobilized disaster preparedness volunteers to climb to the fire site, in order to extinguish the fire. The firefighting effort involved volunteers from the Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB), the SAR Team, the Senkom Brigade (Communication Center), PMI, along with nature lovers from the OI and Girimakarti communities as well as forest police personnel (Polhut).

They worked together to extinguish the traditional way with makeshift equipment. Considering that at the location of the fire, there was no water and it was difficult to reach the fire department.

Bambang Haryanto, stated that the fire could be controlled and did not spread, and could be extinguished. The forest area on the slopes of the peak of Mount Gandul that burned was about 0.25 hectares (Ha). “There are no victims in this forest fire,” said Bambang Haryanto, Sunday (13/8).

The cause of the fire is still under investigation by officials. It is suspected that the fire originated from the cigarette butts of the climbers of Mount Gandul, which were disposed of carelessly and targeted the dry bushes due to the current dry season.

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