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South Sumatra Exports Leading Agricultural Commodities Worth IDR 138 Billion to 11 Countries

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Palembang, South Sumatra,–The Governor of South Sumatra H. Herman Deru (HD) was present at the release of agricultural commodity exports through the Merdeka Export program by the President of the Republic of Indonesia simultaneously at 17 ports (Export Doors) in Indonesia organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. In South Sumatra, it was held at the Boom Baru Port of Palembang, Saturday (14-08-2021) yesterday.

In this program, South Sumatra Province exports superior agricultural products, namely Rubber and Coconut worth Rp. 138 billion exported to 11 countries. This activity is also in the context of commemorating the 76th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence, as a follow-up to the instructions of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo in increasing investment and exports.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo said that increasing investment and exports is a key factor in accelerating national economic growth. For this reason, Merdeka for Agricultural Exports is carried out. It is known, national agricultural exports in 2020 worth Rp. 458 trillion more, up compared to last year.

The Governor of South Sumatra, H. Herman Deru said that rubber is one of South Sumatra’s mainstay export commodities, followed by wood pulp or pulp and coal, rubber is a plantation crop, most of which are people’s plantations and have economic value and a strategic role in increasing farmers’ income, absorption of labor and employment. source of foreign exchange.

Responding to the direction of the President of the Republic of Indonesia regarding the development of agricultural commodities, HD said that the cultivation of Porang plants has great potential in South Sumatra but the downstream industry does not yet exist in this province, so it is a great hope that the Ministry of Agriculture will provide the widest opportunity for Porang cultivation in South Sumatra.

“Today the new export value is Rp. 138 billion due to the limitations of the Boom Baru Palembang port which has a small capacity and is located in the city. If not, of course, South Sumatra’s exports will be in line with other provinces on the island of Java, “said HD. (Ril/Red)

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