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Semar Nusantara Gold and Jewelry Prices Today, Saturday Morning, August 7, 2021: 23 Karat Gold Bars Drop

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DIY NEWS – Information on gold and jewelry prices at the Semar Nusantara outlet, today, as of Saturday morning, August 7, 2021, you can get here. The price of 23 carat gold bullion was observed to fall from the previous day.

For information, Semar Nusantara provides 23 carat gold bullion to various jewelry collections that can be additional trinkets in your jewelry box.

Meanwhile, both gold and jewelry can be promising investments in the future. Moreover, 23 carat gold bullion is experiencing a price drop today despite the difference of several thousand rupiahs.

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As mentioned, Semar Nusantara provides a collection of jewelry, including bracelets with various variants.

Complete the bracelet edition Bangle Collection which has a “LOVE” design written in a beautiful jewel circle. This variant has a content of 10 carats, weighs 3.6 grams, and a diameter of approximately 5.5 centimeters.

Meanwhile, other bracelet designs from Bangle Collection consists of more beautiful tiny gems. This type consists of a grade of 10 carats, weighs 4.4 grams to 5.2 grams, and a diameter of approximately 5.5 centimeters.

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Reporting from the official website and social media of Semar Nusantara, the following is a list of prices for 23 carat gold bullion and 10 carat and 17 carat yellow and white gold jewelry at the Semar Nusantara store as of today, Saturday morning, August 7, 2021.

Selling price list (sell) and the repurchase price (buy back) 23 carat gold bar

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