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Ever Close, Hana Hanifah Admits Hotman Paris Is Not Miserly

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15 August 2021 08:00 WIB

Hana thinks that Hotman is not the type of man who finds it difficult to spend money on his girlfriend.

JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – Selebgram Hana Hanifah was once close to the famous lawyer Hotman Paris. That was acknowledged by Hotman himself in the talk show program that he guided.

“I’m honest with you, is it true that we were close?” asked Hotman Paris while stroking Hana Hanifah’s hand.

As long as he is close, Hana thinks that Hotman is not the type of man who is difficult to spend money on his lover.

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“Yes, it’s limited to just being close. We’re just as close as usual, yes, it’s not called stingy, isn’t it royal,” said Hana shyly.

However, the closeness of the two did not last long because Hotman closed the door of communication after Hana was involved in a prostitution case.

“I know that he exploded suddenly with the case in Medan, North Sumatra, and what I’m afraid of is that on his cellphone he still has a lot of chats with him,” said Hotman.

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