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Recipe for Fried Cassava Filled with Coconut Unti, Snack for Morning Coffee

  • Share – Cassava can be a choice of carbohydrate sources to start the day.

Breakfast with fried cassava with coconut unti filling can be a filling meal.

The taste of cassava and grated coconut is even more delicious when eaten with coffee or tea.

Here’s a recipe for fried cassava stuffed with coconut from Delicious dishes which you can make for a weekend breakfast.

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  • 600 grams of grated cassava
  • 100 grams of coarsely grated coconut
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 500 ml oil, for frying

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Material contents:

  • 150 grams of coarsely grated coconut
  • 100 grams of brown sugar, fine comb
  • 50 ml air
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 pandan leaf, tie a knot

How to make fried cassava stuffed with coconut:

1. Make coconut shells first. Mix grated coconut, brown sugar, water, salt and pandan in a pan. Cook while stirring until everything is mixed and legit.

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2. Continue to make the cassava dough. Mix cassava and grated coconut. Sprinkle salt, mix well.

3. Take the cassava dough, flatten it and fill it with coconut. Shape it into a round and flatten it a little.

4. Heat the oil, fry the formed dough until golden brown. Remove and drain the oil.

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