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Don’t let the bag break, there are spare parts for fast moving Suzuki Ertiga which cost up to Rp. 400 thousand

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Spare part fast moving Suzuki All New Ertiga

Abdul Aziz.M

Spare part fast moving Suzuki All New Ertiga – Suzuki Ertiga 2018 uses different engine specifications from the first and second generations.

So some spare parts such as spark plugs, air filters cannot be used with the first generation Suzuki Ertiga, because the engine type is also different.

The specifications of the old Suzuki Ertiga engine are coded for the K14 engine with a capacity of 1,343 cc, while the latest Suzuki Ertiga engine is coded for the K15 engine with a capacity of 1,462 cc.

“The difference in spare parts between the old Suzuki Ertiga and the new Suzuki Ertiga, such as spark plugs and air filters, and also the number of liters of engine oil,” said Sayekti Gesang, Head of Suzuki Karawaci Workshop, Tangerang to a few days ago.

Used Cars Suzuki New Ertiga

Used Cars Suzuki New Ertiga

Now, here are the prices for the latest Suzuki Ertiga fast moving spare parts at the official workshop.

Like the price of an oil filter, the price is Rp. 33 thousand, while the air filter is Rp. 110 thousand.

As for the DOT 3 brake fluid, the price is Rp. 55,000 for a 1 liter package.

The following is the price list for fast moving Suzuki Ertiga spare parts, this data from was taken from the official Suzuki Karawaci workshop, Tangerang in August 2021.

Spare partsPrice
Filter OliIDR 33,000
DOT brake oil 3IDR 55,000
Engine coolant (4 liter)IDR 105,000
Impact filterIDR 110,000
SGO engine oil 5W-30IDR 310,000
Rear brake padsIDR 315,000
Front brake liningRp 434,000

Note: The price of spare parts is subject to change without prior notice.

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