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How to Make Google Drive Unlimited Free Forever –

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For those of you who often get Google Drive download limit notifications, of course it’s very annoying, right? In addition to the limited Download Limit, Google Drive also limits the storage memory (Storage) of your Google Drive account. Normally, you are only given a storage allotment of 15 GB, if the file you upload exceeds the given capacity, it is clear that the upload process cannot continue.

Who doesn’t know Google Drive, the storage service cloud online from Google is so popular among users WL. How not, every cell phone that you buy now to be able to run its features you are required to use the service Google Play Services. One of these services is Google Drive.

Google Drive can help you HP users to back up files manually or synchronize automatically. The most widely used are not only file backups, but can also be used to backup messages on Whatsapp. But unfortunately for you free Google Drive users, you are only given 15 GB of storage capacity.

To be able to store files exceeding that capacity, you should be advised to purchase storage directly on Google Drive. Calm down guys, for those of you who have cancer, aka dry bags, this time I have a solution, namely with How to Create Unlimited Google Drive Account. Maybe many of you do not believe in this, but I will answer your curiosity with the following special trick.

There are also many out there who sell Google Drive Unlimited accounts by using email from campuses in Indonesia, which usually ends with The method that I will share this time is also more or less the same method, it’s just that you are “hanging” in the storage with the campus email. The advantage of this method is that you can still use your Gmail email address to create a Google Drive Unlimited account.

How to Create a Free Unlimited Google Drive Account

  1. First of all, please visit the following site
  2. A window will appear before you use this service. Just choose”I accept the terms
    How to Make Unlimited Google Drive 01
  3. Fill in the column Share Drive Name up to you, Your gmail Address with your Gmail e-mail, and Edu site which you will make a place for Shared Drive (here I choose NO. 11 due to my favorite number)
    How to Make Unlimited Google Drive 02
  4. Tick ​​”I am Human“. Then select the button “Create
  5. Wait a few moments until the Shared Drive has been declared complete
    How to Make Unlimited Google Drive 03
  6. Open your Google Drive Account using the E-mail registered earlier
  7. A new option will appear on the left with the name “Shared drives” or “Shared Drive
  8. Please select the option, a pop-up will appear welcome to join, just select “OK
    How to Make Unlimited Google Drive 04
  9. Please upload unlimited files there
    How to Make Unlimited Google Drive 05

Use this service wisely, don’t upload illegal and pornographic files

That’s it How to Create a Free Unlimited Google Drive Account which I can share this time. I have tried this trick and it works for uploading large files at once without memory limitations aka Unlimited. Another alternative site that you can use to create an unlimited Google Drive account is through The steps are more or less the same as the ones I shared above, you just need to adjust it.

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