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7 Portraits of Dede Yusuf’s House, the Backyard Steals Attention!

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Known as a former actor and now an active member of the DPR, Dede Yusuf has a large and comfortable residence. The portrait of his house, we have summarized here!

His full name is Dede Yusuf Macan Effendi, he was an action actor in the mid-1980s to early 2000s.

After being active as an actor, Dede then took part in politics, after he was elected to sit as Deputy Governor of West Java 2008-2013.

After becoming Deputy Governor, Dede remains active in the political arena until now, he is known to be a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission X.

Great as an actor and now a well -known politician, it is not surprising if he has a large and comfortable residence.

The portrait of the house, often shown by the wife through uploads on Instagram on the account @sendyyusuf.

We have summarized the portrait of Dede Yusuf’s house and family here. See to the end, yeah!

7 Portraits of Dede Yusuf’s House

1. Atmosphere in the House

dede yusuf's house

Looking at Dede Yusuf’s house, we will see a comfortable and neatly arranged residence.

This can be seen in his wife’s post while holding Eid prayers some time ago.

In addition to being neat and clean, there are several wall displays in the form of paintings, as well as decorations that are stored using glass cabinets in several corners of the house.

The aura of home is also felt homey and warm.

2. Dining Room

dede yusuf's dining room

Next is a portrait of the dining room of Dede Yusuf’s residence.

Here there is a table that is large enough, so that it can accommodate the whole family to eat together.

The dining room also looks quite elegant because there are decorative lights on the table.

Moreover, the color of the wall paint in this room uses beige, a color that will give the impression of elegance and luxury.

3. Decoration in the Dining Room

dede yusuf and son

Regarding decoration, Dede Yusuf and his wife seem to enjoy using family photo displays.

It can be seen from the picture, if right behind the dining table, there are rows of photos of Dede Yusuf, his wife, and their children.

As a result, even though the room feels luxurious, the nuances cozy and fun.

4. Using the Large Window

big window

With large windows, the house of this DPR member will produce good air circulation.

The room will also have a natural source of information.

Especially with green plants outside the house, the air produced is definitely of higher quality!

5. Backyard

Dede Yusuf's backyard

Then we are looking at the portrait of Dede Yusuf’s backyard.

This area really steals the attention, because the back garden is neat and looks comfortable.

Not infrequently, Dede and family use the backyard at home to have small parties.

The fresh atmosphere is really obvious, because the back garden is surrounded by trees and greenery.

6. Rooftop broad


The last house area we will see is rooftop House.

No less comfortable with other areas, rooftop The house is big and the base is artificial grass.

It was so big, Dede Yusuf and his family were able to hold rooftop party here.

7. View from Rooftop

rooftop dede yusuf

From this picture we can see, the beautiful view of the row of luxury houses.

It must be really comfortable to live here, huh!


Hopefully useful, friend 99.

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