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How to Transfer Chili Seeds to Polybags to Avoid Stress and Withering

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JAKARTA, – The process of growing chilies usually begins with sowing chili seeds in a seeding container.

When the chili plant seeds are large enough with strong stems and leaves, the seeds can be transferred to polybags or planting pots for maximum growth.

Transferring chili seeds to polybags is done so that plant roots do not fight over each other for nutrients in the soil.

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The process of transplanting often determines the success of chili planting. Maybe you’ve tried the transplanting process and found your plants wilting and stressed.

But don’t worry, you can try this method of transplanting chili plants, which you can try when you are going to do the transplanting process.

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Prepared tools and materials

  • Chili seeds
  • Polybag size 30×30 cm
  • Growing media
  • Fork
  • Air
  • Plant support wood

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1. Prepare the chili seeds to be transplanted

Avoid transplanting during the day when the sun is hot, it’s best to transplant in the afternoon.

Before transplanting into polybags, you should water the chili seeds first. Remove the chili seeds from the seeding area, including the soil around the roots.

You can use a fork to pull the chili seeds up to the roots.

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