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Children’s Fables: The Ant and the Grasshopper

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Fables are always one of the best ways for your little one to hone their imagination or even learn new things. Classic fairy tales filled with interesting animal characters make your little one never get tired of hearing the storyline.

In general, fables in which your child has characters of large or famous animals, such as elephants, deer, crocodiles, and tigers. This time we will discuss stories about small insects. Yes, that’s right, that’s ants and grasshoppers.

Ants are known as one of the most diligent animals. He always collects food with his group. They always manage to solve big problems with good teamwork. But what about grasshoppers?

Invite your little one to listen to the story from the fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper by Aesop, let’s go! has provided the full story below!

1. Once upon a time there lived a group of ants and a grasshopper

1. Once upon a time there lived a group of ants a grasshopper

Once upon a time in a fertile field, lived a family of diligent ants and a lazy grasshopper. Even so, grasshoppers are very friendly with the ant family. They often greet each other when they meet.

In the field, the grasshopper is known as a lazy animal figure. He loves to spend his time relaxing, singing, dancing, or just lying on the soft green grass. The grasshopper enjoys his days happily without ever having any plans for the future. “Life flows like water,” he said.

Unlike the grasshoppers, the ant family is very diligent. They work hard to find and collect food every day. The ant family did all this without getting tired.

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2. Ants always work hard while grasshoppers are always lazy

2. Ants always work hard while grasshoppers are always lazy

One afternoon when the grasshoppers were busy singing suddenly a group of ant families came past their resting place. Feeling the ants work more diligently makes the grasshoppers wonder. He also asked the ant family.

“Hey ant family! Why do you seem to be working harder? Rather than being exhausted, wouldn’t it be more fun if you guys relax in this place of mine?” Ask the grasshopper.

“We are working hard to prepare food for next winter. Because when winter comes, no plants can grow and we will starve to death if we don’t start preparing them early,” replied the ant.

The grasshopper laughed at the ant’s answer. “Winter is still long my friend, why are you so worried. Look today is very bright! Come here and sing with me,” said the grasshopper excitedly.

“No! We think you should also work with us. This winter is going to be a very long one. You should start working on storing food,” replied the ant as he continued his work.

Grasshoppers do not care about the word ant family. He returned to playing music and singing while the ants returned to work storing food.

3. Without realizing it, winter came and the grasshoppers were surprised

3. Without noticing the winter, the grasshopper was surprised

The encounter took place in the spring and the grasshopper decided not to listen to the ants. The grasshopper spends its springtime eating, sleeping and playing. Until he gains weight

When summer comes, the ants continue to work even though the sun is very hot. But the grasshoppers haven’t started working yet. The heat of the sun makes it even more lazy to work.

“Why do I exhaust myself in the hot sun, it will only make me tired,” said the grasshopper in his heart.

Spring has passed, replaced by autumn and the grasshoppers are still lazing around. Until suddenly winter arrives. The wind was blowing so hard and snow began to fall covering the fields until everything was white

The ants already know that this winter will be very long. That is why they work constantly moving sand and twigs as well as gathering food in their nests.

On the other hand, the grasshopper finds itself starving. The grasshopper tried to find food in his nest but he couldn’t find it.

The grasshopper also decided to look for food outside. As he was hungry he limped and asked for some food. The grasshopper was now so thin and weak that it could not jump far.

4. Grasshoppers rush to the ant’s habitat

4. Grasshoppers rush to the ant's habitat

It had been several hours since the grasshopper had been out looking for food, when he suddenly remembered the ants who had worked so hard from the spring. Feeling unable to find a way out, the grasshopper decided to go to the ant family.

The grasshopper arrived at the anthill with a limp body. Seen from the outside the ants are enjoying their food in a warm and neat nest. An ant noticed the presence of a grasshopper and immediately approached it.

“Speak, what’s wrong grasshopper?” Ask the ant to the grasshopper.

“I’m almost starving. Can I ask for a grain of wheat, a little barley or whatever. Please help me I’m very hungry.” locusts apply to ants.

“What were you doing from spring when we were busy working gathering food?” The ant turned to ask.

The grasshopper realized what he had been doing all this time. He spent his days doing nothing useful. He just sings, eats, sleeps, and plays every day. Now he regrets his actions so far.

The ant originally intended to ignore the grasshopper because he knew what the grasshopper had been doing all this time. But the ants felt sorry for them and ended up sharing some of their food with the hungry grasshoppers. The grasshopper looked very touched and thanked the ant’s kindness.

“Remember, grasshopper, next time you have to come work with us before winter comes!” The ant advised the grasshopper firmly.

“Yes, ants, I promise. From now on I will not be lazy anymore,” said the grasshopper with regret.

Since then, the grasshopper has learned a very valuable lesson. From the following spring he was eager to help the ant family work and gather food.

5. Moral message for your little one through this fable story

5. Moral message for your little one through this fable story

How was the fable of the Ant and the Grasshopper just now, did your little one like it? If so, which part did he like the most?

Now is the time for us to discuss the moral that can be learned from the story. This story teaches children how to make the best use of the time and opportunities they have.

Do they want to be lazy and sorry like grasshoppers? Or diligent and eager to work like ants?

Mama’s child can get used to completing all his work before resting, not the other way around. Like when you have homework, try to finish it first. Only when he can play calmly and happily.

The key is a balance between rest and work time. Get the job done well and save the remaining time to rest and play. May be useful.

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