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Irrigation Channels Closed Farmers Threatened with Crop Failure

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KORANBERNAS.ID, PURWOREJO — The Serayu Opak River Basin Center (BBWSO) from August 1, 2021 to March 2022 will revitalize the Kedung Putri waterway. As a result of the revitalization of agricultural land covering an area of ​​4,300 hectares experienced drought.

This problem was then reported by residents to the Purworejo Regency DPRD, which was immediately accepted by the Chairperson of the DPRD, Dion Agasi Setiabudi, Friday (13/8/2021).

“We came to the DPRD with complaints from farmers from eight villages/kelurahan in Purworejo, Bayan and Banyuurip sub-districts. Farmers hope that BBWSSO will provide a policy to drain water to our rice fields which are being planted with rice,” said Agung Yuli Priatmoko, a resident representative.

According to him, due to revitalization (dredging), the Kedung Putri irrigation flow will be closed from August 1 to the end of December 2021.

“Even though our rice plants are only 55 days old and really need water. Imagine how much potential loss will be experienced by farmers if per hectare can produce 6.8 tons of grain. Multiplied by 400, the total potential loss for farmers is 2,720 tons of rice,” continued Agung, who is also the Head of Kalimiru Village, Bayan District.

He asked for a week the water had to flow, otherwise the rice plants would die.

The Head of the UPT for Road Maintenance and Irrigation of the PUPR Office of Purworejo Regency, Edi Nur Widyoko, said that his party was only a field operator.

“We are waiting for instructions from BBWSSO. The Kedung Putri River irrigates 4,300 hectares of rice fields from Sejiwan to Pangen. What now needs irrigation is Kemantren Purworejo 1 and 2. Technically, they will wait from BBWSSO,” said Edi.

The chairman of the DPRD of Purworejo Regency, Dion Agasi Setyabudi, said he would immediately communicate with BBWSSO so that Kedung Putri water would flow into the farmers’ fields.

“Farmer may do not ask for water 24 hours continuously. They just want the rice plants not to die, at least twice a week. We will discuss with the big hall so they don’t saklek run the program,” said Dion.

If the rice plants die, they will be greatly harmed. Food security in Purworejo Regency is also threatened. “Revitalization is very beneficial for the community, but food security must also be considered. Especially during a pandemic like now,” said Dion.

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