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Success in Planting Cavendish Bananas, Lamongan Young Farmers Earn Hundreds of Millions

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Lamongan ( – Cavendish bananas are the prima donna fruit for public consumption during the pandemic. This is because this type of banana has various benefits and is believed to be able to increase the body’s immune system during the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Along with the increasing consumption of Cavendish bananas, currently the business of growing Cavendish bananas is also considered to be able to restore the economy of the people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Yanwari Mubarok, a young farmer from Bulubrangsi Village, Laren District, Lamongan Regency, has succeeded in reaping a fairly large profit from planting his Cavendish bananas. In one harvest, the man who is familiarly called Ari admitted that the banana tree he planted on an area of ​​one hectare was able to generate a profit of around Rp. 250 million.

However, the gains are not an instant thing. Ari has gone through such a process that his persistence has yielded sweet results. How not, when he started his business, at that time most of the people, especially Lamongan, were still hesitant to plant Cavendish bananas.

In fact, these doubts also came to Ari when he first planted Cavendish, to be exact, about two years ago. “I had that thought, but after I thought about it, instead of doing nothing and just being a spectator, I’d better convince myself to keep trying and be productive. I will not allow the pessimistic paradigm to overwhelm me,” said Ari, Thursday (5/8/2021).

Furthermore, Ari said that actually the Cavendish plant had been developed for a long time, it was just that the possibility of farming was still conventional and the information obtained was not as extensive as today, so that at that time many farmers were not much interested in planting it.

“I’ve been interested in planting this Cavendish since the beginning of the pandemic, because during a pandemic we must be limited to activities, keep our distance and not congregate. So I decided to do gardening, and before I planted, I thought about taking a plant that had good prospects, finally I met this Cavendish banana,” said Ari to

Besides having good prospects, continued Ari, Cavendish bananas are easy plants, the fertilizer problem is also not too complicated. “This Cavendish banana, in my opinion, the important thing is that the water needs are sufficient. In addition, we must also understand the good spacing, as well as the schedule when to fertilize, do thinning, and others. The point is it’s actually not too complicated,” he continued.

Not only that, Ari also gave tips so that Cavendish banana farmers can later be successful. According to him, so that farmers are not overwhelmed when harvesting, farmers must understand time management and good cropping patterns, especially for those who have large lands.

“For those who have large lands, good management of cropping patterns is very necessary, each farmer should not plant bananas at the same time. Because planting Cavendish bananas is different from rice which must be planted simultaneously. So there will be times for farmers to plant,” he explained.

Regarding the sales, Ari explained that apart from being distributed to a number of wholesale fruit markets, the bananas he harvested were also distributed to modern markets. “For the market, it’s actually wide and the opportunities are good, we usually offer it online through social media, some go to wholesale markets and modern markets, sometimes some go to traditional markets, depending on the criteria,” he explained.

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