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8 Types of Aquascape Plants In Rice Fields That Live Wild. Who Knows It Grows Near The House!

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There are several types of aquascape plants that you can find in the rice fields which are very suitable to decorate the aquarium in your home. This plant grows wild all around us, loh!

Lately, the aquascape trend is developing in the community and is currently getting warm.

Like a new toy, not a few of us start making aquascape decorations that are very neat and very detailed.

Especially for those of you who are still confused about the difference between an aquarium and an aquascape, don’t worry because we will explain briefly, OK!

Basically, both aquariums and aquascapes are the same, both of them use the same medium to maintain living things and decorate their place, namely in the glass.

However, aquascape does not only focus on keeping fish, but this concept tries to maintain all the components in it, including plants.

Yes, in the aquascape the plants in it must be lived, cared for, and arranged in such a way.

As for the aquarium, usually only concentrated in maintaining fish only.

How, do you understand a little from the brief explanation above?

Discussing about plants for aquascapes, there are various types on the market.

Of course you can choose as you like, as long as the plants you choose can survive, and thrive in water, yes!

Among the various types of aquascape plants on the market, who would have thought that there are also plants that grow around us that you can meet in the fields.

You can get it for free and you can bring as much as you want, because it’s free.

So, what are the types of aquascape plants in the fields?

Here we have presented in the summary below!

Who knew they grew around our house, yes!

8 Types of Aquascape Plants in Rice Fields

Types of Aquascape Plants in Rice Fields

1. Marsilea Crenata

Marsilea Crenata

Marsilea Crenata is a type of aquascape plant in the rice fields that you can get around the house.

In fact, not infrequently these aquascape plants are often found growing in irrigation channels and rivers.

This plant is often referred to as Clover with a compound leaf form of five strands.

2. Pistia Stratiotes

Pistia Stratiotes

Aquascape plants that you can find in the next rice fields are pistia Stratiotes or often called apu-apu, water cabbage, watercress, and shellfish flowers.

For farmers who cultivate rice fields, they are often considered as weeds or weeds that interfere with the growth of rice plants.

However, this floating butterfly plant is very suitable for you to maintain in the aquascape.

The reason is, in addition to being able to add the effect of beauty, it also serves as a water purifier as well, loh!

3. Hydrocotile


If you are walking and crossing rice fields, rivers, or irrigation canals, try occasionally to look left and right, who knows you may find plants with leaf characteristics resembling kidneys and compound?

If so, yes. Most likely it is a hydrocotile.

This one plant is very suitable for you to maintain in an aquascape because it is relatively easy to grow and is able to live in moderate lighting.

4. Java Moz

Java Moz

Java Moz can be said to be one of the water plants that are excellent for aquascape lovers.

The reason is, Java Moz plants are very easy to care for and develop.

In addition, Java Moz lives like moss that is able to stick and grow on dead media such as dead wood and rocks.

5. Lindernia Rotundifolia

Lindernia Rotundifolia

The next aquascape plant that you can find in the rice fields is Lindernia Rotundifolia.

It includes plants typical of Southeast Asia and is also very widely found in Indonesia.

This rice field aquascape plant has leaves with elongated round leaves and is quite easy for you to care for.

Thus, these plants are very suitable for use as an aquascape, although in the wild they are often considered as weeds.

6. Limnocharis Flava

Limnocharis Flava

Limnocharis Flava is another name for the genjer plant.

In the wild, genjer itself often lives in rice fields or shallow water and is usually found next to water hyacinth.

Who would have thought, you can use this rice field plant as an aquascape plant at home, loh!

7. Azolla sp.

Azolla sp.

Aquascape plants that you can find in the next rice field are Azolla sp.

Azolla sp is a plant that grows floating with small leaves.

Even though the leaf shape is very small, make no mistake, thanks to the shape of the Azolla leaves, it can add a wild impression to an aquascape.

In addition, you can also use Azolla sp plants as a very beautiful water carpet.

8. Marsilea Hirsuta

Marsilea Hirsuta

Marsilea Hirsuta can be said to be almost similar to Clover plants with compound leaves.

However, the number of leaves there are only four strands.

Although the number of leaves is less than the clover plant, who would have thought the charm of Hirsuta’s marsilea is very suitable for you to use as an aquascape plant.


So those are some types of aquascape plants that you can find in the rice fields.

Hopefully this article can help and provide useful information for all of us.

Don’t miss other interesting information about aquascape only at, yes!

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