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Free Agricultural Exports in 2021, Banten Sends IDR 40.36 Billion Commodities to 17 Countries

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TANGERANG, BANTEN RAYA – Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng, Tangerang City, is one of 17 airports and ports that are export doors in the 2021 Agricultural Export Independence activity which President Joko Widodo inaugurated virtually from the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Saturday (14 /8/2021). On that occasion, Banten also contributed to export activities worth Rp40.36 billion.

Banten Deputy Governor Andika Hazrumy from Soekarno Hatta Airport reported to Jokowi that Banten Province exported agricultural commodities worth Rp 40.36 billion to 17 destination countries in the 2021 export-independent activities.

“On this occasion, our permit conveys that the commodities that will be exported today are 5,631 kg, 662,025 sticks and 1,724 heads of various commodities,” Andika said in a written statement received

The former member of the Indonesian House of Representatives explained that the commodities in question are swiftlet nests, gias plants, aquarium plants, to reptiles. Meanwhile, the 17 export destination countries are China, America, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Colombia, and Vietnam.

Furthermore, Andika also reported that exports of agricultural commodities in 2021 in Banten Province will increase by 7.15 percent for plant commodities and 7.9 percent for animal commodities. The Golkar politician further explained that the export data for agricultural commodities in 2021 was worth IDR 614 billion for plant commodities and IDR 10.1 trillion for animal commodities.

In other words, it increased compared to 2020 at Rp573 billion for plant commodities and Rp9.3 trillion for animal commodities. Andika said that some of the superior commodities of Banten Province that have been exported at this time are mangosteen, vanilla, vuncis, dragon fruit, jengkol, petai, swallow’s nest, and rabbit.

“There is a new potential that can be a mainstay of Banten Province, namely taro beneng. The leading commodity from Pandeglang Regency that is in demand by export destination countries, besides there is also ketapang leaves, “he explained.

Furthermore, the Head of the Banten Province Disaster Preparedness Cadre (Tagana) also reported that Banten Province has various excellent potentials in the agricultural sector, so that Banten Province currently has BUMD Agribusiness. The difference is expected to be able to manage the supply chain of the agricultural sector which will have an impact on the welfare of farmers.

The Banten provincial government also, said Andika, synergizes with all agencies and agricultural business actors to be able to make the Ministry of Agriculture program successful, namely the Triple Export Movement in the next 5 years a reality.

On this occasion, Andika also gave appreciation to President Jokowi and Minister of Agriculture Sahrul Yasin Limpo. Because, through the independent export program, agricultural business actors in Banten can continue to be motivated to improve production quality. “Especially for export demand where it indirectly affects the welfare of farmers,” he added.

To note, in the Merdeka Exports activities, the export of agricultural products worth Rp7.29 trillion was carried out from 17 ports/airport gates in 17 provinces in Indonesia. Merdeka Exports was held to welcome the commemoration of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day.

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Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo said the export volume released reached 627.4 million tons or Rp. 7.29 trillion. It includes plantation commodities, food crops, horticulture, livestock, and other commodities. Meanwhile, the export destinations are to 61 countries, including China, the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, England, Germany, Russia, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan.

“In 2024, it is targeted to triple agricultural exports through increased cooperation with local governments,” said the Minister of Agriculture. (*/god)

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