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KARI is one of the most popular home-cooked dishes in Japan. However, unlike Indian curry, Japanese curry usually has a sweeter and thicker taste. This curry, which usually contains meat, potatoes, and vegetables, is loved by many people outside of Japan too.

This time on his YouTube channel, Chef Eric Herjanto shares a very savory Japanese curry recipe. How to make it easy and the taste is guaranteed delicious. Let’s take a look at the recipe below.

Chef Eric Herjanto's Japanese curry.  (Photo: YouTube Eric Herjanto)


– 1 kg of beef shank

– 1 kg of potatoes

– 1/2 kg carrots

– 1/2 kg Bombay

– 80 gram tomato paste

– 1 liter of water

– 1 liter of apple juice

– 5 sdm curry powder

– 3 tbsp oil

– 2 tsp salt

– 1 tsp white pepper

– 100 gram butter

– 100 grams of flour

– 1 tbsp english sauce

– 5 tbsp sugar

– 2 tsp salt

– 1 tbsp flavoring

How to make:

1. Heat oil in a frying pan, fry the beef shanks until caramelized, then add the onions.

2. Enter the tomato paste, water, apple juice, stir until evenly distributed.

3. When it boils, add curry powder, salt and white pepper.

4. Transfer the food to a pressure cooker then add carrots and potatoes, cover, then press for 1 hour.

5. Heat the butter on a low heat, add the flour, cook until slightly brown, then put it in a pressure cooker so that the sauce thickens.

6. Enter the English sauce, sugar, flavoring, stir until smooth, serve.

Before trying to make your own, let’s see the full tutorial only on Eric Herjanto’s YouTube channel.

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