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Complete Specifications of Honda’s New Motorcycle Rp. 6 Million

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VIVA – Honda has just launched a new motorcycle called the U-Be, and now its status is available at their official dealers in China. This they did together, with the procession of unveiling the Honda U-Go cover.

The design of this motorbike is similar to an automatic scooter, but its size is slightly smaller. Meanwhile, the pacemaker is different, where the Honda U-Be uses electricity with a voltage of 48 Volts as a driving source so as not to produce exhaust emissions.

This two-wheeled motorized vehicle is presented, for consumers who need short distance personal transportation. For example, going to the convenience store or hanging out with friends. The price is quite affordable, starting from 3 thousand Yuan or the equivalent of Rp. 6 million.

Like the Honda Super Cub C125 motorcycle, the U-Be is only equipped with one seat so it can’t carry a pillion. The available space also does not allow the owner, to install additional chairs.

Reported VIVA Automotive From the official Honda China website, Saturday, August 14, 2021, buyers can choose three types of Honda U-Be which are distinguished by battery capacity, namely 15 Ampere hours, 20 Ah and 24 Ah.

For those who use a 15 Ah battery, the distance can only be as far as 55 kilometers, while 20 Ah can reach 70 km and 24 Ah can be used up to 85 km. All types can only be used to drive at a maximum speed of 25 km per hour.

With the condition of the battery installed, this electric motor weighs 54 kilograms or approximately half of the Honda Beat. Users don’t have to worry about going up an incline, because the U-Be can do it up to a slope of 12 degrees.

All Honda U-Be lights already use bulbs light emitting diode or energy-efficient LEDs. The instrument panel is also digital, making it easier for the rider to monitor the condition of the motorbike. The wheel braking system for the lowest type is still drum, but the variant above is already a disc.

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