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10 Twibbon Links for Scout Day August 14, 2021, Complete with How to Make it on Twibbonize

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DIY NEWS – Today August 14 is celebrated as Scout Day. Enliven this Scout Day commemoration by installing a Scout Day twibbon which can be made via the following link.

In 2021, the theme raised in the commemoration of the 60th Scout Day is Non-Stop Devotion. A number of scout -smelling agencies have created twibbons that can be used to enliven the Scout Day commemoration in the midst of a pandemic.

Agencies such as Regional Quarters (Kwarda), Branch Quarters (Kwarcab), Branch Quarters (Kwarran), Work Units (Saka) and schools have prepared twibbons that can be used and shared through social media.

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The way to make a twibbon is as follows.

  • Open the page through a browser on your laptop or cellphone.
  • How to campaign by entering the keyword SCOUT DAY.
  • Choose the twibbon design you want or click the twibbon link at the end of the article.
  • Click the desired design, then click Select photo at the bottom of the twibbon.
  • Select a photo from the gallery later or take a photo directly with the camera.
  • Adjust the position of the photo, then click Crop.
  • Next, click Download to upload the twibbon.

Here are ten Scout Day twibbon links from several agencies such as Kwarcab, Kwartir, Kwarran, Saka and Schools that can be used for free, in full.

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  1. Twibbon Forward Indonesian Scout Day CLICK HERE
  2. Bogor Kwarcab Scout Day Twibbon CLICK HERE
  3. Twibbon Scout Day Kwarcab Way Right CLICK HERE
  4. Twibbon Scout Day Blitar Quarter CLICK HERE
  5. Kwarcab Kampar Scout Day Twibbon CLICK HERE
  6. Twibbon for Scouting Day Kwarcab Padang Pariaman CLICK HERE
  7. Twibbon Kwarran Gunungpati Scout Day CLICK HERE
  8. Twibbon Kwarran Purwosari Scout Day CLICK HERE
  9. Twibbon Scout Day From Wirakartika Kodim 0806 CLICK HERE
  10. Twibbon for Scouting Day at Pangudi Luhur Middle School in Jakarta CLICK HERE

Thus the twibbon link for Scouting Day 2021 and how to make a Scout Day twibbon that can be distributed on social media. May be useful.***

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