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Having a Wealth of IDR 4.7 Trillion, What is the House of Bukalapak Boss Achmad Zaky like?

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Ahmad Zaky Instagram Achmad Zaky

Come on, stop by the house of Bukalapak boss Achmad Zaky. What is the residence of a person who has a wealth of IDR 4.7 trillion like? Wow, definitely curious.

Achmad Zaky, the founder of Bukalapak, was included in the list of Indonesia’s richest people after the company he founded was listed on the stock exchange.

Bukalapak officially announced its IPO on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). In fact, the company’s shares with the issuer code BUKA had shot up.

For those of you who don’t know what an IPO in shares is? IPO stands for Initial Public Offering.

That means the condition of a company offering a number of initial shares to the public.

Quoted from the page, the company’s shares Achmad Zaky was at the level of Rp1,060 in its first debut.

This value increased by 24.71% from the initial price offered, which was Rp. 850 per share. Wow, high rise in minutes.

Achmad Zaky’s Wealth Reaches IDR 4.7 Trillion

This significant increase made the company’s stock e-commerce it is subject to automatic rejection aka Auto Reject Up (ARA).

Even though he is no longer the CEO of Bukalapak, he still has a 4.3% stake. This made Achmad Zaky’s wealth also increase.

Apart from being an advisor to Bukalapak. Acmad Zaky now has a new role as Founding Partner Init 6.

The investment company was founded to help fund startup businesses or startups start-up in Indonesia.

Launching from the page Forbes, Achmad Zaky is estimated to have a net worth of around USD 33O million or equivalent to IDR 4.71 trillion (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 14,300).

Portrait of Achmad Zaky’s House and Fun with Family

With this amount of wealth, it seems that the husband of Diajeng Lestari has a house that is uniquely designed and comfortable.

Want to know how Achmad Zaky’s house looks? Come on, let’s just take a peek together what it’s like.

The man who was born in Sragen, August 24, 1986, often shares the appearance of his house through his account Instagram hers.

1. Dominated by White

Ahmad Zaky

One of the walls of the house crazy rich Indonesia looks dominated by white, so it looks luxurious and elegant.

In addition, Achmad Zaky’s house was also built with a high ceiling. That way, it makes healthy air circulation free to enter.

2. Modern Comfortable Living Room Design

Ahmad Zaky

The house of one of the important figures in the industry e-commerce It is designed with a contemporary and comfortable interior style.

The family room is decorated with the latest furniture and combined with a minimalist wooden wall shelf, attached to one part of the wall.

3. Have a Minimalist Display Shelf

Ahmad Zaky

In another part of the room, the man who graduated from ITB Informatics Engineering completed it with a minimalist display shelf.

Achmad Zaky and his family used the minimalist furniture to place photos and a number of interior displays.

4. Feminine Children’s Bedroom

Ahmad Zaky

Achmad Zaky and his wife have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters. Both daughters are growing up healthy.

Reported from Instagram Achmad Zaky, he had uploaded a photo of him together in the bedroom with a feminine design.

That is the portrait of Achmad Zaky’s house which is designed to be minimalist, but still unique and comfortable to live in.

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