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The Spirit of Celebrating the Pasuruan City Great Village Award

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PASURUAN, Radar Bromo – The enthusiasm of the participants of the 2021 Great Kampung Anugerah program from urban villages in Purworejo District is extraordinary. Friday (13/8), program socialization was held. The entire village head, team, environmental cadres were present. Despite the pandemic, keep the spirit.

The Acting Head of the Pasuruan City Environment, Hygiene and Parks Service, Samsul Rizal, said that there are three categories in the Great Village Award competition in 2021. Namely, the categories of housing, developing settlements, and coastal settlements.

This competition, he continued, aims to raise public awareness in caring for the environment in their respective villages. All neighborhoods are expected to be clean, healthy, and beautiful.

There are several criteria that will become the assessment parameters. Among other things, the participating villages must have a temporary waste disposal site (TPS). The region is able to implement 3R (reuse, reduce, and recycle).

In addition, the environment is also beautiful, sustainable with many plants. No less important is that the drains are closed. “To anticipate the growth of mosquito larvae,” added Rizal.

He also reminded, in implementation, each village must pay attention to the implementation of health protocols in their respective environments. Because, this year’s Great Kampung Award was held in the midst of a pandemic situation. The theme is related to the Covid-19 Alert.

“We hope that every stage that goes on always prioritizes health protocols, especially in field assessments,” he said.

During the socialization, the participants also took turns asking questions. They are curious about various information about this program. Especially, regarding the implementation in the midst of a pandemic. “Our spirit has not slackened. Let’s make this program a success,” said one village representative.

Strong support came from the legislator of Commission III DPRD Pasuruan, Ruddy Salam. The member of the commission in charge of the environment expressed his appreciation for the activities of the Great Kampung Anugerah. Event this is very nice and useful.

According to Ruddy, environmental cleanliness is not only the responsibility of the government. Public awareness is very important in ensuring environmental sustainability.

“So, with activities like this, we hope that the government’s program will also be followed and continued by the community,” he said. This competition can encourage all sub-districts to always maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the village. Also maintain it on an ongoing basis. Although, the race is over this year. “In order for Pasuruan City to become a clean and healthy city,” he said.

Imam Mahdi from the Environmental Cleanliness and Parks Office of Pasuruan said that the Kampung Hebat Award program is getting more and more popular from year to year.

What is the proof? Since a few months ago there have been villagers who have prepared themselves. So, he believes this year will be more lively and lively. Moreover, there is also a writing competition with school and university students. The theme of the article is a Healthy Environment in the Middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Not only that. Pasuruan residents who have the ability in graphic design have the opportunity to take part in a trash can design competition. They are given the space to be as creative as possible.

The design of the competition results will be applied in the procurement of trash bins in Pasuruan City. “Therefore, the design theme must be in accordance with the ideas of the City of Medina and Lisa Bunga. It means, look at the trash, throw it in its place,” explained Imam. (tom/far)

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