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Malacca Police Chief Reminds Residents, Health Masks Are Only Used for 4 Hours

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Malacca Police Chief Reminds Residents, Health Masks Are Only Used for 4 Hours

POS-KUPANG.COM Reporter, Edy Hayong

POS-KUPANG.COM, BETUN— The COVID-19 pandemic in Malacca Regency is still inflamed, so residents are reminded to always be vigilant while adhering to health protocols (prokes).

Regarding the procedures such as the use of masks, the Malacca Police Chief, AKBP Rudy Junus Jacob Ledo, SH, SIK expressed concern.

The reason is, there are residents who use health masks purchased at pharmacies for days even though these masks are only used for 4 hours and then replaced with new ones.

The Malacca Police Chief, Rudy JJ Ledo conveyed this when accompanying the Malacca Regent, Dr. Simon Nahak, SH, MH met face-to-face with the sub-district head, village head, and head of the BPD for the West Malacca District in Besikama, Friday, August 6, 2021.

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Rudy said it was the duty of the police to help the government in an effort to socialize the importance of self-preservation related to the covid pandemic to residents.

The police, said Rudy, in addition to maintaining security and social order, also supervised residents when they did not comply with the health procedures because this issue was a joint struggle to suppress the spread of Covid in this area so that it would not spread.

Especially in West Malacca (Malbar), Rudy expressed his concern because of the total population who took the vaccine only 500 people. This is still minimal, so the sub-district head, village head and community leaders are expected to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

“Covid posts in 16 villages that already exist must be alert and alert 1×24 hours to collect data on residents who enter the village. Place the command post at the village entrance, not in the middle of the village,” Rudy asked.

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