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How to Make Egg Layer Fried Chicken, Savory and Crispy Texture Makes You Curious

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JAKARTA, – Fried chicken is one of the easiest dishes to cook at any time. Besides being fried, usually chicken meat is also delicious processed into curry or balado.

This time, if you want to taste a different fried chicken menu, you can process fried chicken cooked with egg cream. The texture is more dry and makes anyone curious.

“Make a simple side dish that everyone at home will love because this fried chicken is double tasty because it uses eggs, so when fried, the eggs can be crispy and crunchy like creamy, best paired with match sauce, shrimp paste or if you want to use mango sauce, it’s also really delicious, ” wrote Instagram@ocha_chupid.

To make this egg-coated fried chicken is not too difficult. You can choose free-range chicken or boiler. Cut to taste. Then diungkep with herbs and spices of choice.

Once the chicken is cooked, you can immediately add the eggs and stir quickly. If it is mixed and lumpy, just fry the chicken.

Want to know the complete recipe and how to make crispy egg-coated fried chicken? The following reviews are summarized via Instagram @ocha_chupid, Saturday (14/8/2021).

Editor : Vien Dimyati

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