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Film – The Swarm (2020)

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TRIBUNNEWSWIKI.COM – “The Swarm” is a horror fantasy drama film that premieres on August 6, 2020 on Netflix.

Directed by Just Philippot, this film focuses on the story of saving her farm from bankruptcy, a single mother starting a business of breeding edible grasshoppers.

Soon he develops a strange obsessive relationship with them. The grasshoppers turned out to be thirsty for blood.

The film, written by Jérôme Genevray and Franks Victor, is 1 hour 41 minutes long. (1)

The Swarm stars Suliane Brahim, Sofian Khammes, Marie Narbonne, Raphael Romand and Nathalie Boyer in the main roles.

The film was selected for International Critics’ Week at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. However, the event was canceled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (2)

The Swarm2
The Swarm (2020) movie trailer

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The film “The Swarm” tells the story of a woman named Virginie who lives a difficult life. He and his family are worried about money, especially when the problems surrounding his farm are piling up.

Virginie spends a lot of time caring for the locusts she keeps as a high-protein crop and a source of income.

However, Virginie’s efforts weren’t quite profitable, at least until an accident changed everything.

After an accident on the farm, Virginie learns that the grasshoppers she is growing are actually bloodthirsty, and begin to feed the insects with the substance.

However, the locusts were even more unsatisfied.

It had dire consequences for Virginie, her family, and her neighbors. (2)

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Suliane Brahim as Virginie Hébrard

Sofian Khammes as Karim

Marie Narbonne as Laura Hébrard

Raphael Romand as Gaston Hébrard

Nathalie Boyer sebagai Kévin’s mother

Stéphan Castang sebagai Breeder 1

Victor Bonnel as Kevin

Christian Bouillette sebagai Duvivier

Renan Prévot as Luc

Vincent Deniard as M. Briand

Clément Bertani sebagai The blood deliverer

Guillaume Bursztyn sebagai Breeder 2

Thierry Calas sebagai The greenhouse delivery man

Raphaël Liot as Coach de foot

Barnabé Bernard as Manu

Océane Bargeaux sebagai The girl with Kévin (1)

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The following is the trailer for the film “The Swarm” (2020).

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