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Here’s what a Chinese-made sports car looks like a competitor to Ferrari

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HARIANHALUAN.COM – China continues to strive to develop its wings in the automotive sector. This time the Chinese car company, Hongqi, is not playing games to compete with foreign-made luxury and sports cars. After targeting Mercedes-Benz and BMW with the Hongqi H9, now the car company based in Changchun, China is now starting to target Ferrari and Lamborghini with the Hongqi S9.

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Indeed, Hongqi has exhibited a hybrid sports car, the Hongqi S9 at the Auto Shanghai 2021 event, last April. At that time the Hongqi S9 appeared by showing off the specifications and exterior only. Now reported by Motor Authority, the Hongqi S9 will debut in full production at an even more prestigious event, 2021 Milan Design Week, in September.

At the event, it is planned that the Hongqi S9 will also showcase the interior of the Hongqi S9 and the final shape of the car. In the same event, they will also immediately open orders for 99 units of Hongqi S9.

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The choice of Milan as the city of the launch procession was not without reason. Because Hongqi does seem ambitious to compete with Italian-made sports cars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari.

In the manufacturing process, the Hongqi S9 even involved former important Ferrari people, such as Amedeo Felisa who had led Ferrari for 26 years, former Ferrari engineer Roberto Fedeli, former McLaren engineer Carlo Della Casa and former Lamborghini marketing head Katia Bassi.

Not only that the Hongqi S9 will not even be produced in China. The hybrid sports car will be produced in Bologna, adjacent to the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Bologna, Italy.

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