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6 Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, One of them is Difficulty Sleeping at Night

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SANGALU – Alzheimer’s research involving people with early symptoms of Alzheimer’s with drugs that decrease the production of beta amyloid (a protein that clumps together to form brain-damaging plaques)

Experts believe that people begin to develop amyloid in their brains at least 10 years before they develop Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The following are 6 symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease quoted: from the Jatim Network, including the following:

1. Decreased memory

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Memory problems are one of the more well-known symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Harvard researchers have found that people who worry about their own memory and thinking are, in fact, more likely to have signs of Alzheimer’s plaque in their brains and develop dementia symptoms later in life.

2. Suddenly feel forgotten about an important event

Forgetting important conversations with family members or big news from the start of the week is worrying especially if people can’t remember that they forgot them.

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