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Don’t Kudet! This is How to Make Colored Writing on WhatsApp

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tired of the monotonous writing color on WhatsApp? Don’t be sad, now the color of the text in the instant messaging application can be changed. The writing in this application can be colored ranging from blue, yellow, black, red and other colors.

First, users must download the Blue Text application on the Google Play Store. After that open the application then select “Fancy Text” and then “Start Writing”.

In the column provided, write whatever the user wants. After that the user will see the many data-style options that this application provides.

For example, the user can choose a blue text so that the user can send it. Next, users will be given three options, namely “Copy Text”, “WhatsApp”, and “Share Text”. Select the “WhatsApp” option, later this application will then automatically open.

Users can select friends who want to send the colored text that has been created. In addition to sending to friends, users can also send this colored text to their own status.

Citing, this application provides 50 writing styles. There are also more than 30 types of fonts, freehand pencil so that users can create stickers freely. This application also has clipart and sticker packs so users can create custom stickers.

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