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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is here for Game Lovers, here are the price specifications –

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JAKARTA, NUSANTARAPOS,-Presence Samsung Flip 3 in an event Unpacked 2021 on Geekbench on August 11 was very encouraging, especially for loyal Samsung customers.

As the name implies, this time the Galaxy Z comes with body flip which can be folded into a small size. Its charming design creates a luxurious impression for the wearer. This is one of the reasons why his presence is eagerly awaited.

Not only that, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is also eagerly awaited by lovers game in Indonesia because smartphone this one is very suitable and supports a great experience to play game.

This is because the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 has been supported by a large 6.7-inch screen with a 120Hz display that makes outstanding performance. Coupled with the installation of a 2X Dynamic AMOLED screen, the screen display becomes very, clear, bright, and smooth.

The flip design carried by the Galaxy Z is not only very luxurious but also very efficient to carry anywhere because when this type of Samsung is folded, it can be put in a pocket. When folded, the size of the Samsung Galaxy Z becomes 4.2 inches, making it possible to store it in a shirt pocket or pants pocket of the same size or larger.

Reporting from the official Samsung page, there is information stating that the Galaxy Z is very stunning, you know! Even without opening smartphone, notifications such as messages, chats, and playing music can be seen on the back screen of the 1.9-inch Galaxy Z. In addition, because the screen is located side by side with the rear camera feature, without opening it, smartphone can still take pictures.

The camera features offered by the Samsung Galaxy Z are not inferior to those presented on the screen design. Just like smartphones in general, which are equipped with two types of cameras, namely the front camera and the rear camera.

Galaxy Z has one front camera and two rear cameras where the main camera resolution is 10 MP, while the two rear cameras have a 12 MP resolution for both (Ultra-wide camera and wide-angle camera). What’s unique about other HP brand camera features?

The uniqueness of this Samsung cellphone is that it is located on the rear camera which can also be used as a camera selfie which is equipped with a 1.9-inch screen. So, both in large size and small folded, users can still do it selfie.

Not only interior features, Samsung is also preparing exterior features that support the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Z itself. At least there are kinds of cases offered by Samsung. The official products include:

  • Silicone cover with ring,
  • Silicone cover with strap,
  • Clear cover with ring,
  • Leather cover, and
  • Aramid cover.

In addition to those previously reviewed, below will be informed about the specifications of the other Samsung Galaxy Z 5G, which are as follows.

  • The front screen has a resolution of 2268 x 832 pixels with a ratio of 24.5: 9 and is protected gorilla loser.
  • The main screen has a resolution of 2208 x 1768 pixels, Ininity Flex Display with a ratio of 22.5:18 .
  • It weighs 271 grams with a 4000 mAH battery capacity.
  • Storage capacity consists of 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB / 512 GB of ROM.
  • In addition to the 4G network, the Samsung Galaxy Z has also prepared itself to welcome the 5G network in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Z 5G is currently offering a special promo on August 11-29 2021 up to IDR 5,239,000 by following the PO (Pre Order) on the official page .

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