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“5 Years Abandoned, Flood Kisat Irrigation Functions Again”

  • Share – Dozens of residents from 5 nagori in Dolok Panribuan District, Simalungun Regency, namely Nagori Dolok Parmonangan

Nagori Gunung Mariah, Nagori Negeri Dolok, Nagori Tiga Dolok and Nagori Palianaopat, held a marharoan bolon (mutual cooperation) work to repair the 5 kilometer long Bah Kisat irrigation channel, which had not received any repairs for 5 years.

“The 5 kilometer long irrigation irrigates hundreds of hectares of farmers’ rice fields in the five nagori. Because they don’t get treatment, irrigation doesn’t work and is neglected. This condition has resulted in farmers changing the function of crops, from lowland rice to planting corn,” said the Head of the Dolok Panribuan sub-district, Septiaman Purba, who coordinated the bolon haroan via WhatsApp to, Friday (13/08/2021).

As stated by Septiaman Purba, this activity is an appreciation of the residents of 5 nagori in particular, and the residents of Dolok Panribuan as a whole for the idea of ​​the Regent of Simalungun Regency, Radiapoh Hasihlan Sinaga in the Marharoan Bolon Movement to Build Simalungun.

“Residents are moved to do haroan bolon so that irrigation for their rice fields can run well, so they can return to planting rice,” said Septiaman Purba.

He explained, with the return of the irrigation system that irrigates the rice fields in the 5 nagori, the rice farmers will get the opportunity to plant various planting seasons, namely lowland rice and corn.

“Residents are grateful for the work of haroan bolon, the Bah Kisat irrigation which has been inactive and neglected for five years, is now functioning again and can irrigate the rice fields in the 5 nagori. All activities related to cleaning and re-functioning the Bah Kisat irrigation are community self-help,” said Septiaman Purba. (Jon Sipayung)

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