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Lidl takes cannabis products out of reach

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Police confiscate goods

Lidl removes hemp products from its reach

Did Lidl Break the Drug Act? Police are now verifying this and withdrawing several cannabis products from circulation. The deciding factor is “whether the product offered contains THC or CBD.”

As a precaution, discount machine Lidl has removed all cannabis products from its promotional range as some of them are currently under the scrutiny of the authorities. Liddell said you were cooperating with the authorities. Individual products are currently under investigation. No further information could be provided due to ongoing procedures.

According to investigators, this is a possible violation of the drug law. A spokesman for the Heilbronn public prosecutor said it was investigating “whether the product offered contains THC or CBD”. However, it was only a testing process, not a preliminary investigation. According to the Federal Consumer Protection Office, approval is required for products containing cannabidiol (CBD). In Germany it is prohibited to trade in substances containing a higher percentage of intoxicating THC.

According to their own statement, police confiscated “several products” of the cannabis plant at a discount store in Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria, for investigation. According to the Heilbronn Prosecutor’s Office, the results of the investigation can be expected as early as the end of next week.

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