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Let’s see herbal medicine for hypertension sufferers

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Some people sometimes do not realize they have high blood pressure or what is called hypertension.

As quoted from, hypertension is a condition when blood pressure is at 130/80 mmHg or more.

If not treated immediately, hypertension can cause serious life-threatening diseases, such as heart failure, kidney disease, and stroke.

Hypertension also has the term silent killer or a disease that kills silently.

This is because people with hypertension generally do not experience any symptoms, until their blood pressure is too high and life-threatening.

Therefore, it is important to regularly check blood pressure, either independently or by visiting a doctor.

However, did you know that there is a simple herb that can help lower high blood pressure?

Launching, chayote juice mixed with cucumber can actually provide benefits that are not kidding.

Yes, the mixture of these two ingredients can apparently be an option for healthy drinks for people with hypertension.

Launching from a book entitled Medicinal Plants & Juices for Overcoming Heart Disease, Hypertension, Cholesterol, and Stroke by Ir. Lukas Tersono Adi, chayote contains saponins, alkaloids, and tannins.

Meanwhile, Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha, Chair II of the PDPKT (Association of Indonesian Doctors for Eastern Traditional Health Developers), suspects that apart from being a diuretic (urine laxative), the alkaloid content can also open blocked blood vessels.

Therefore, chayote can reduce high blood pressure.

As is known, through the wasted urine due to the diuretic properties of chayote, the salt content in the blood also decreases.

Reduced levels of salt that are absorbing or retaining water will ease the work of the heart in pumping blood so that blood pressure will decrease.

Cucumbers contain vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.

This content makes chayote and cucumber able to help lower high blood pressure.

This chayote juice certainly tastes delicious and fresh.

The following recipe for making chayote and cucumber juice that is effective in lowering high blood pressure is quoted from a book entitled 260 Fruit and Vegetable Juice Recipes by Shachi D.Kim.

How to Make Siamese Pumpkin Juice Mixed with Cucumber

First, prepare the following materials:

  • – Cucumber 100 grams
  • – 150 grams of chayote
  • – Lemon juice 2 tablespoons
  • – Honey 2 tablespoons
  • – Enough water
  • – Shaved ice or ice cubes to taste

How to make:

  1. Wash the chayote and cucumber until clean. Then, peel the cucumber and remove the seeds.
  2. Then, peel and cut the chayote into small pieces as well. After that, put all the ingredients in a blender. Twist until smooth.
  3. Finally, add crushed ice or ice cubes to make the chayote and cucumber juices fresher.

As a note, it is better to drink chayote juice with cucumber immediately after it is finished.

Don’t forget, if you don’t want your blood pressure to rise again, we should start living a healthy lifestyle such as maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. (gridhype)

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