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More Tough and Strengthen Collaboration, Podomoro Park Bandung Presents Al Azhar School and Mosque

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Podomoro Park Bandung, masterpiece Agung Podomoro Land (APL), a leading and integrated property developer in Indonesia, has implemented groundbreaking Al Azhar School and Mosque in the project area located in Bandung, West Java.

The event was attended by the Regent of Bandung Regency Dadang Supriatna, Vice President Agung Podomoro Land Noer Indradjaja, Marketing Director Agung Podomoro Land Agung Wirajaya, President Director of Pesona Pesona Mitra Kembar Mas Adhi Romzy, Chairman of YPI Al Azhar Sobirin HS, and Commissioner of PT ASP Sudirman.

Groundbreaking procession for Al Azhar Podomoro Park School and Majid Raya Bandung. (Photos: Podomoro Park doc)

Marketing General Manager of Podomoro Park Bandung, Tedi Guswana, explained that this activity is part of APL and Podomoro Park Bandung’s commitment to support the world of education while prioritizing worship facilities as a spiritual aspect that is the main need for the people of Bandung and its surroundings.

“We are grateful and proud of the event groundbreaking executed properly and smoothly. Collaboration between the central government, regional governments, and the private sector is the key to future success. The presence of the Al Azhar School and Grand Mosque in Podomoro Park Bandung will provide added value, not only for residents in this neighborhood, but also to accommodate the community’s needs for quality education and places of worship in the Bandung area, West Java, “explained Tedi in Bandung, Tuesday (10/8/2021).

Revive the property sector

Tedi also said that the presence of the Al Azhar School and Great Mosque would be a strong magnet for people who would enter the Podomoro Park area of ​​Bandung and revive the property sector in the midst of the current dynamic and challenging situation. This condition is in line with Indonesia’s economic growth which continues to improve and grew 7 percent in the second quarter of 2021 year on year (YoY).

“As market leaders, Agung Podomoro Land and Podomoro Park Bandung will continue to strive and ensure that the facilities we present are always up-to-date and up-to-date, according to the needs of today’s society. Like a dwelling that creates first class experience and peace of mind balance between physical and spiritual needs. Besides the healthy air, the presence of lakes and trees, but also a life that is close to religion and peace of mind,” said Tedi.

The main gate of Podomoro Park Bandung.

Marketing Director of Agung Podomoro Land said, “Agung Podomoro Land carries the concept of living in style in every product currently in marketing. A healthy and safe environment supported by premium service facilities is an unforgettable experience. Bringing harmony and beauty, Agung Podomoro’s residence is part of the perfection of life.”

Meanwhile, the general chairman of YPI Al Azhar Sobirin HS stated that the presence of Al Azhar at Podomoro Park Bandung had a good purpose, namely YPI Al Azhar as a foundation that has long been in the education world has the desire to be able to educate the nation’s next generation, produce a strong and strong generation. tough through Islamic teachings. In the future, Al Azhar will not only present schools with elementary to high school levels, but also plans to present Al Azhar University in Bandung Regency.

Design School and Majid Raya Al Azhar Podomoro Park Bandung.

“Al Azhar has a very deep meaning. First, glorious. In the current situation, it is hoped that the presence of Al Azhar can provide glory. Second, brilliant. The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to provide a brilliant vision of a future full of happiness and prosperity. Third, flowers or beautiful. The presence of Al Azhar is expected to make a soothing attraction. Fourth, be happy. Will give happiness to the surrounding community. And, lastly, Al Azhar is the name of the Prophet SAW, “said Sobirin.

The Regent of Bandung Regency, Dadang Supriatna, hopes that not only elementary school to high school levels are made by YPI Al Azhar and PT ASP, but also university level is established in Bandung Regency.

“The synergy between the two interests, namely education and the development of public facilities such as the Al Azhar Grand Mosque will be a complement. This can increase the average of our education indicators. Therefore, the presence of Al Azhar in Bandung Regency will have a good impact, and in terms of school level or the length of time they attend school education in Bandung Regency can be further increased. The local government is also really waiting for the completion of the mosque because it is a means of worship for the residents of Bandung Regency.”

CSR Podomoro Park Bandung assistance

Podomoro Park Bandung also supports corporate social responsibility activities (corporate social responsibility/CSR) by providing assistance in the form of two ambulance units to be used by the surrounding community. The Regent of Bandung revealed that the ambulance provided by Podomoro Park was very helpful for the residents of the Regency, especially in the current pandemic situation. The use of this ambulance will be used to carry out door to door to the area to be vaccinated.

“The number of district residents is 3.62 million and the vaccine target is 80 percent of the total population. Therefore, the government sees a very strong commitment and appreciation for Podomoro Park Bandung,” said the Regent.

In addition, as a residence with the concept of “Harmony with Nature”, Podomoro Park Bandung symbolically provides plants ficus elastic or yellow rubber kebo varigata. This shows Podomoro Park’s commitment as a healthy and green environment, where 50 percent of the total land area of ​​130 hectares is allocated for green areas. This strengthens the Bandung Regency which is famous for its natural beauty, beauty, and cool air.

Meaning of HUT RI Full of Enthusiasm and Innovation

Approaching the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Podomoro Park Bandung interprets independence day with full of optimism, enthusiasm, and concern. As a residence that carries the concept of “Harmony with Nature”, Podomoro Park is expected to be a solution for people to care more about their health by living in a healthy residence in harmony with nature. With the Bandung Regency area known for its beauty and natural beauty, Podomoro Park presents housing with the best quality oxygen by allocating 50 percent of the total land as a green area which includes a 1 kilometer long majestic lake, collective garden, and a number of other green areas.

Picture of Amagriya Podomoro Park Bandung Cluster.

Since its establishment in 2018, the public’s interest in the Podomoro Park Bandung residence is very high. As many as 1,000 families have chosen the Amagriya and Anapuri cluster housing in Podomoro Park, whose units are currently running low. The presence of Podomoro Park provides a new understanding in the community about housing that is in harmony with nature by paying attention to health.

According to Tedi, the current situation needs to be responded positively as an opportunity. “Podomoro Park responded positively to the current situation. The healthy green area of ​​Podomoro Park by presenting cluster innovations such as the Fashagriya and Sadyagriya clusters, which are very relevant in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, we present housing with the concept of a house growing downwards so that people who often do work from home become more comfortable with open space area on the 1st floor,” he added.

Picture of the facade of the Fashagriya Cluster

Tedi added that all elements of society, starting from the central government, regional government, and private sector across sectors need to work together to interpret the 76th independence through whatever can be given to the nation and state. One of them, Podomoro Park Bandung as a developer who has been in the property world for a long time, presents housing that is relevant to the current situation.

View of Mountains and Lakes in Brahmapuri Cluster.

The presence of a number of clusters in Podomoro Park is the current solution because the development in Podomoro Park is very concerned about natural and health factors. 5 Elements of Podomoro Park can be a solution today, including cool mountain air with the best oxygen quality, views of the Malabar and Patuha mountains that become daily views, large green open spaces covering half the land area, a beautiful 1 kilometer long lake that stretches calming, and shady trees throughout the area.

In short, these five elements can support natural conditions and public health. Optimism, enthusiasm and concern can strengthen Podomoro Park in today’s dynamic and challenging situation. Podomoro Park proved that in the midst of the current situation there is no limit to providing solutions and innovations for the nation and state. [*]

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