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Quick 30 Minute Cooking Tips: How to Process Green Scallops so that the Sand and the Fishy Smell Disappear

  • Share – Seafood lovers may be familiar with this type of seafood, green mussels. Usually, green scallops are served with a delicious Padang sauce or sweet spicy sauce.

We can cook green mussels yourself at home with a taste as good as a restaurant. However, green mussels need to be processed properly to get rid of the fishy smell and grit.

Certain ways are needed to remove the sand from the green shells so that they do not get ingested.

Here are 30-minute quick cooking tips how to prepare green mussels that we can see.

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1. Wash the green mussels by brushing the shells

Launching from a article that aired on Saturday (06/06/2020), Executive Chef of Santika Mataram Lombok, Nyoman Putra Yasa, explained that shells with large shell sizes need to be brushed on the outside.

“Scallops that are brushed, such as large green mussels, usually come out with moss. The blood clams are rarely brushed,” Yasa explained to, Thursday (04/06/2020).

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