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Working visit of the Director of Finance of Perhutani to KPH Indramayu

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E (Indramayu) – Perum Perhutani Finance Director Kemal Sudiro made a working visit to the location of the Eucalyptus Plant cooperation in plots of 24 Sukaslamet Forest Management Resort (RPH), Plosokerep Forest Management Unit (BKPH) and Jatimunggul Eucalyptus Oil Factory (PMKP) as well as the Tiris Beach Tourism Location of BKPH Indramayu, Indramayu Forest Management Unit (KPH), Kamiis (12/8).

After seeing the location of the eucalyptus cooperation in the plot of 24 RPH Sukaslamet BKPH Plosokerep, Kemal opened a discussion room and explained that during this pandemic we must work creatively and innovatively to increase the company’s income and in the forest area, even when we partner does not mean we are loyal, because there are obligations that must be fulfilled to the government, the first is the obligation to pay taxes and the second is to protect the flora and fauna living in the forest area.

“I hope that this collaboration can increase the income of the company and the community, we must also be grateful that so far we can still pay salaries, THR and bonuses, which God willing, my friends are still enthusiastic,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Java and Banten Regional Divisions, Amas Wijaya, who accompanied the working visit, said that this collaboration with eucalyptus plants can increase the productivity of eucalyptus leaves, because when the eucalyptus plants have begun to be harvested, the community can enjoy the results because we buy them. , so what do we hope for?” Sustainable Forest for Prosperous Communities can be realized, and will become a pilot demonstration plot for other communities. Amas also advised that all levels of Perhutani in the working area of ​​KPH Indramayu could improve their performance in achieving the company’s target opinion while maintaining forest sustainability and security.

Meanwhile, Indramayu KPH Administrator, Asep Saepudin, stated that his party was ready to oversee and implement what was conveyed by the Finance Director and Head of the West Java and Banten Regional Divisions to achieve targets and increase company revenues.

On the sidelines of his visit, the Director of Finance, Kemal Sudiro, distributed 135 packages of basic necessities, health supplements and PPE to representatives of Perhutani’s partners, located at PMKP Jatimunggul.

Representing the Forest Farmers Group (KTH) and other partners, Toip thanked all levels of Perhutani for their cooperation and assistance.

“We will maintain this mandate and continue to work together to maintain forest security and sustainability, hopefully Perhutani will continue to prosper and prosper with the community,” he said. (Iwan)

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