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The Police Arrested the Theft of Mobile Phones in Chili Fields – SUARA JELATA

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MAGELANG, Suara Jelata– The Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kajoran Polres Magelang Police managed to uncover a case of theft of a wallet containing money and a cellphone (HP) belonging to a chili farmer. The alleged perpetrator is WD (23) a resident of Sutopati Village, Kajoran District, Magelang, Central Java. The suspect was arrested after asking for a ransom from the victim over the phone.

IPTU Kajoran Police Chief I Wayan Sukadana revealed the theft incident on Wednesday (23/06/2021) in a chili field belonging to husband and wife Kamaludin and Munairoh, Melatisari Hamlet, Sidowangi Village, Kajoran District, Magelang.

“At that time, at around 08.30 WIB, the victim arrived at the field and put down a wallet containing two SIOMI and OPPO cellphones. As well as cash of Rp. 500,000 under a chili tree on the edge of the field. Furthermore, the victim hoeed while his wife took care of the chili plants and tied the chili plants,” he said at the Kajoran Police Headquarters, Friday (13/08/2021).

At around 10.30 WIB the victim’s wife (Munairoh) intended to take her cellphone, which was put in her wallet. But when he arrived, the wallet was gone.

“For this incident, the victim suffered a loss of Rp. 4,000,000. The victim then reported it to the Kajoran Police,” said Wayan.

A few days after the incident, on Thursday (24/06/2021), the perpetrator contacted the victim via cellphone with the intention of asking for a ransom. At that time the victim deliberately recorded the voice of the perpetrator asking for some money.

“Furthermore, the victim contacted the officers to inform them that the perpetrator asked for a ransom. From the recorded sound, members of the Criminal Investigation Unit immediately recognized that the voice belonged to WD, who had been handled at the Kajoran Sector Police,” said Wayan.

From the results of this voice recording, the Kajoran Police Criminal Investigation Unit conducted an investigation and search for the alleged perpetrator. Then on Wednesday (11/08/2021) at around 10:00 WIB, the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Kajoran Police received information that WD was working at the chili nursery in Babakan Hamlet, Madugondo Village, Kajoran District.

“The perpetrator was arrested at his place of work at the chili nursery. During the examination, the perpetrator admitted that all his actions had committed theft and demanded ransom from the victim,” he explained.

Currently, the perpetrators of WD and the evidence are still being held at the Kajoran Sector Police Headquarters to undergo further legal proceedings.

“The perpetrator was charged with Article 362 of the Criminal Code with a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison,” said Wayan.

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