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Growing Interest of Horticultural Farmers in Ternate – Smart Inspires

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Ternate, Hpost – Interest in farming during the Covid-19 pandemic is quite popular in various regions in Indonesia. No exception in the city of Ternate, North Maluku.

The head of the Ternate City Agriculture Service, Thamrin Masrsaoly, said that there was an increasing interest in farming in Ternate, especially horticultural farmers.

“Maybe it’s because the pandemic didn’t have much of an impact on them, so that it gave rise to the enthusiasm of farmers. Whereas previously it could be seen that the enthusiasm for farming had decreased somewhat,” explained Thamrin, to Halmaherapost, Friday, August 13, 2021.

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Even so, Thamrin admitted that the substantial problems faced by most farmers in Ternate today are limited land and geographical conditions that do not guarantee the development of the agricultural sector.

“Ternate is not an integrated agricultural development area, like the Halmahera part,” he said.

According to Thamrin, the most important basic requirement for agriculture is the availability of land. Meanwhile, the availability of land in Ternate is far from sufficient. Thus, the style of agriculture is more focused on the types of horticultural crops that are cultivated by farmers.

“Like Tomatoes, although they are planted by farmers in Loto, Gambesi, Rua, Sasa and Tubo, they are still too small to serve the needs of the community,” he explained.

For tomato farmers themselves, said Thamrin, on average they are only able to produce 5 tons of tomatoes in a month. So it is common when you have to bring in supplies from outside.

Ternate as Market Share

According to Thamrin, Ternate City is more precisely a market share, which is not the center of the agricultural commodity industry as in other areas.

However, he said that people from outside the city of Ternate, such as in Makean, Halmahera, and Tidore, when they come to Ternate and then want to return to their original place, the tomatoes are bought in Ternate and then brought home.

The number of farmer groups registered in the Extension Information System is 280 groups, which are dominated by nutmeg and clove farmers.

“While fewer are horticultural farmer groups,” he concluded.

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