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6 Ways to Make Poached Eggs That Have a Beautiful Shape, Like in a Restaurant

  • Share – Poached egg or hard-boiled eggs are commonly served as an accompaniment to western-style breakfasts or brunches.

Boiled eggs without the skin serve to improve the taste and consistency of food, as well as beautify the food.

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Therefore, it is not uncommon for various foods in cafes and restaurants to be served together poached egg and relatively expensive.

How to cook poached egg not difficult as long as it is done according to the method.

Here are six steps to cooking hard-boiled eggs from the chef who owns breakfast and lunch restaurant Contimo Provisions in Napa, California, Ryan Harris. These tips are quoted from Insider.

1. Boil water

Fill a pot with water and heat it until it starts to boil.

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2. Add vinegar and salt to the cooking water

Add a splash of white vinegar and a few pinches of salt to the water. Vinegar is the key to keeping egg whites firm even when boiled without the skin.

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3. Prepare fresh eggs

egg illustrationPIXABAY / COLOR egg illustration

It is important to use fresh eggs for results poached egg perfect. Crack the fresh eggs into a small bowl, don’t go straight into the boiling water,

If some of the egg whites are very runny, you can sift the eggs through a fine-mesh sieve and use only the thick part of the egg.

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