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Looking for Regional Development Innovation Talents, Boltim Regency Government Holds BIG Award 2021

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BOGANINEWS, BOLTIM – The East Bolaang Mongondow Regency Government (Boltim), through the Regional Planning, Research and Development Agency (Bapelitbangda), will carry out the Boltim Innovation Government (BIG) activity, in 2021.

To get an objective assessment of the innovations of BIG participants, Bappeda Boltim presented three judges, with different backgrounds.

The three judges were Hendra Damopolii as Special Staff of the Regent, Rusmin Mamonto, a representative from journalists, and Hendratno Pasambuna from academia.

On that occasion, the Head of Bappelitbangda Boltim, Iksan Pangalima, said that currently the implementation of BIG in 2021, is already in the stage of presenting innovations by each participant.

“The 2021 BIG Award activity is the inaugural innovation competition, held in Boltim Regency, the goal is to find and produce innovations, which can support regional development acceleration programs,” said Iksan yesterday (13/8/2021).

He hopes that this activity can have a positive impact, and continue to be sustainable every year.

He added, the 2021 BIG Award was held to gain an understanding of the scope of local government innovation, in the form of innovations in regional governance, public service innovations, and other regional innovations, in accordance with government affairs under the authority of the region.

“This will also encourage regional officials to prioritize aspects of the use of Science, Technology and Information Technology (IPTEKIN), as well as innovation as a factor forming competitiveness,” he explained.

Meanwhile, one of the judges for the 2021 BIG Award said that the 2021 BIG Award activity was very good, because through this activity ideas and ideas were born from regional officials, as well as community groups to support the acceleration of regional development.

“The participants who attended were able to deliver the presentation of the innovation results very well. All the work of the participants, both from the regional apparatus and the community, can be implemented in the implementation of public services,” said Rusmin Mamonto.

In line with what the Head of Information Research and Development Sub-Division and Data of Bappelitbangda, Darman Matara said, after the presentation stage, the next is the announcement of the winners.

“After the recapitulation of the scores is done, then the jury will decide the winner to be announced on August 17th,” said Darman.

Reporter : Agung

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