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Gertam Padi in Tibubeneng Village, Badung Secretary Invites Krama Subak Proud to Be a Farmer

  • Share | Mangupura – Regional Secretary of Badung Regency I Wayan Adi Arnawa attends the Gertam Movement for Inbred Varieties of Rice in Subak Saih, Tibubeneng Village, North Kuta District, Friday (13/8). Also in attendance were the Head of Agriculture and Food of Badung Regency I Wayan Wijana, Head of Production of the Bali Province Agriculture and Food Security Service, Head of North Kuta Sub-district, Tibu Beneng Perbekel and Prajuru Subak Saih.

Regional Secretary Adi Arnawa on this occasion reminded subak officers to support the government’s efforts in suppressing the spread of Covid-19 by implementing a strict and disciplined Prokes so that the tourism sector, which is the mainstay in driving the wheels of the economy, can be immediately reopened.

According to Adi Arnawa, the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit almost the entire world provides an important lesson for all of us not to forget the agricultural sector, because this sector has proven to be able to survive in the face of various economic turmoil and become the backbone in maintaining our people’s food security. His party gave appreciation to farmers because even in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, farmers still had to work to meet the food needs of the community and invite Subak to be proud to be farmers. “This pandemic teaches us not to be too dependent on the tourism sector, this momentum must be used to manage the agricultural sector in order to build food security and improve the welfare of farmers,” said Adi Arnawa.

Meanwhile, the Head of Agriculture and Food of Badung Regency, I Wayan Wijana, reported that in an effort to mobilize the agricultural sector and maintain food availability, the government has launched various programs and activities in Badung Regency, one of which is the rice planting movement covering an area of ​​2000 hectares, soybean plants 66 hectares, citrus plants. 1000 trees and chilies covering an area of ​​10 hectares in addition to assistance for the rehabilitation of irrigation networks, Alsintan and post-harvest tools that are urgently needed by farmers to overcome the scarcity of agricultural labor.

To increase the synergy of the agricultural sector with the tourism and MSME sectors and assist farmers in opening market access, his party is embracing business actors and designing the Badung Go Tani program to optimize the marketing of local agricultural products and encourage farmers to utilize technology in developing farming and accessing online markets. .

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