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Why Mother Cats Like to Move Her Kittens? page all

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JAKARTA, – When raising a female cat with children, you may have seen the mother like to move her kittens to various places around your house.

Regarding this, many people wonder why mother cats seem so bothered to move their kittens constantly.

So what is the reason or cause of the mother cat like to move her child?

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Quoted from several sources, Friday (13/8/2021), the following are the reasons why the mother cat moves her child.

Illustration of a baby cat, kitten. UNSPLASH/SAHAND BABALI Illustration of a baby cat, kitten.

1. Form of protection

A mother cat who likes to move her kittens from one place to another is a form of protection, so that her kittens are protected from threats, as well as looking for a more comfortable place.

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2. Feeling insecure

When kittens are placed in a place that is easily accessible or visible to humans and other animals, it can make both mother and kitten feel insecure.

Therefore, the mother cat will move her kittens to hiding places that are not too accessible to humans and other animals.

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3. There is a threat

When the mother cat sees or hears the sound of other animals around her kitten being hidden, the mother cat will immediately move the kittens.

4. The hiding place is too far from the food source

A mother cat that has just given birth will often go out looking for food to meet the necessary food intake while nursing her kittens. If the kitten’s hiding place feels too far from the food source, the mother cat will also move the kittens.

Illustration of a kitten. PIXABAY/RENE SCHINDLER Illustration of a kitten.

5. The child’s hiding place is bright and open

Mother cats who often move their kittens can be caused because the kittens are in a bright and open place.

This can distract the kitten at rest or sleep, and eventually the mother cat move the kitten to a darker, more enclosed area.

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6. Noisy hiding conditions

Noisy hiding conditions can also make the mother cat move her kittens, because she is afraid that the kittens will feel very disturbed, stressed, and sick.

7. The hideout is too dirty

When the mother cat and her kittens have been hiding places for too long, they become dirty with the droppings released by the kittens.

In the end, the mother cat felt uncomfortable and did not like living in a place that was too dirty. The mother is afraid that her child will get sick, so she will move her child to a new hiding place.

8. One of the kittens will die or get sick

When one of the kittens is about to die or gets sick, the mother cat will move the kittens that are still healthy.

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This is done so that the kittens that are still healthy do not get infected with one of the kittens who are affected by the disease. In the end, a sick or dying kitten will be abandoned by its mother.

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