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2 times in action, 42 kg of methamphetamine smuggler from Malaysia escapes the death penalty

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The smuggler of 42 kg of methamphetamine from Malaysia to Donggala, Central Sulawesi (Sulawesi), Alfian, escaped the death penalty charge. Even though Alfian had smuggled shabu twice.

The Donggala District Court (PN) judges chose to sentence Alfian to life in prison. Even though the prosecutor applied for the death sentence to be handed down to Alfian.

“Declaring that the Defendant Alfian Bin Abdul Rasyid has been legally and convincingly proven guilty of committing a criminal act of committing a malicious conspiracy without the right to be an intermediary in the sale and purchase of Narcotics Category I in the form of non-plants weighing more than 5 (five) grams,” said the spokesman for the Donggala District Court, Andi. Aulia Rahman, in a press release, Friday (13/8/2021).

“The defendant is therefore sentenced to life imprisonment,” he continued.

The criminal case with register number 137/Pid.Sus/2021/PN.Dgl was decided by the chairman of the panel, Lalu Mohammad Sandi Iramaya and member judges Andi Aulia Rahman and Arzan Rashif Rakhwada. The reason is that the panel believes that the life imprisonment imposed on Alfian is considered fair compared to the death penalty.

“Considering that the defendant’s role is as an intermediary in the sale and purchase between the owners of the illicit narcotics business, namely the Palu boss and the Tawao boss. According to the panel of judges, it should be the Palu boss and the Tawao boss as well as the owners of other narcotics illicit business owners who deserve to be sentenced to the heaviest punishment if they compared to the Defendant,” said Andi.

As for the reasons for the weighting of the criminal charges for Alfian, the amount of evidence of narcotics type methamphetamine carried by Alfian was very large with a total weight of 42 kg. In addition, Alfian’s role as an intermediary for buying and selling narcotics is for the second time. Previously, Alfian had succeeded in delivering narcotics from Bunyu Island, North Kalimantan to Palu by earning a salary of Rp. 300 million.

“The Defendant’s actions seriously threaten the joints of social life, culture, national defense and security, to national security,” said the assembly.

As is known, Alfian as the captain of the ship, together with Darwin bin Jufri and Asmar bin Sahur were arrested by the BNN Team in Makassar Strait Waters on Sunday, January 10, 2021. The location for the arrest was in the Donggala Regency area.

Inside Alfian’s Prosperous Motorboat, evidence of methamphetamine was found and the total weight was 42.43 kg. Alfian was asked by Boss Palu and the item belonged to Boss Tawao.

“Against the defendant Darwin bin Jufri and the defendant Asmar bin Sahur who played the role of the ship’s crew, the panel of judges imposed a lighter prison sentence, namely imprisonment for 19 years each and a fine of Rp. paid to be replaced with imprisonment for 1 year,” concluded Andi.

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