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4 Ways to Take Care of Taro Plants to Grow

  • Share – The taro plant that thrives is certainly the dream of everyone who takes care of it.

In addition to beautifying the garden at home, taro that thrives can also be a profitable investment.

As is known, this plant which is also known as caladium has a fairly high price in the market.

Making taro plants thrive is not difficult, but it takes patience and tenacity to do it.

There are several things that need to be done so that taro thrives, from choosing the planting media to the right fertilization method.

Reported from several sources through KOMPAS.comHere are 4 ways to care for taro plants to thrive.

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1. Choose the best growing media

The first way to make taro plants thrive is the selection of the best growing media. There are several mixtures that can be used as taro planting media, namely black soil, rice husks, and husk charcoal or roasted husks.

By choosing the right planting medium, the taro plant will thrive and be healthy.

2. Flush by spraying

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