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Review, Specifications and Price of the Samsung Galaxy M11

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Having a Samsung class phone for some people is quite proud. The specs are qualified but still safe in this pocket, it deserves to be hunted. Especially with samsung galaxy m11, the cheapest phone but still top notch! Are you looking for a flagship phone? Maybe this M11 can be a reference.

The Galaxy M Series from the Ginseng Country is said to have an elegant and luxurious design. after launching the Serie galaxy M31, now the M11 is ready to take action to win the hearts of loyal users. Even though it is considered affordable, it turns out that the price makes you gawk, buddy!

This time, Sabine’s blog will thoroughly explain how to do it samsung galaxy m11 it will hypnotize you. Ready? Let’s go straight to the following review!

Samsung Galaxy M11 Specifications and Prices, Gahar Display Captivates the Heart

Samsung Galaxy M1 specifications and prices

Popularly known as the Infinity-O Display phone, the M11 has a really cool punch hole! The cool design is also able to support your appearance more perfect. Instead of being curious, let’s take a peek at the specifications and prices of the M series!

1. Light Weight And Charming

Having a weight of less than 200gram makes this phone comfortable to hold. The Galaxy M series also wants to have dimensions between 161.4 × 76.3 × 9mm. Which adopts PLS TFT screen with capacitive touchscreen detail

2. Kitchen Runway

The Samsung M Series is equipped with a Qualcomm SDM 450 chipset, with snapdragon 450 or 14nm details. This kitchen runway is further strengthened by the embedded Octa-core 1.8GHz Cortex-A53, namely the Adreno 506 GPU. Carrying a capable Android operation, this collaboration is even better for you who are energetic

3. Storage Capacity

For those of you who like large memory at the right price or tend to be light. samsung galaxy m11 can be chosen. It has a total internal memory capacity of up to 32 GB, which is loose for your dense mobility. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the toughness of 3GB RAM memory so that the storage is even cooler. You can save any file.

4. Camera

camera samsung galaxy m11

Do you like photography? Yep, this M11 has a 13MP rear camera so that it produces quite captivating images, you know, my friend. As for the complementary camera, this luxury has a 5MP with f/2.2 detail around 14mm Ultrawide type.

For depth, you can be satisfied with the presence of 2MP, f/2.4 details. There is also an LED Flash, front camera panorama up to 8MP, f/2.0 (wide) and HDR. So wow, right?

5. Big battery

Samsung is indeed popular with cellphones with large battery capacities. This time the luxury M Series is equipped with 5,000 mAh which can compensate for the performance capabilities of this phone. This phone also has GSM/HSPA to LTE networks with dual SIM like other types.

6. Charming Colors

The Samsung Galaxy M11 type has a tempting color variant. Like ; Metallic Blue and Black. This smartphone from the country of Ginseng was officially released around May 2020. Do you have it? Or intend to buy it?

The specs of the Samsung M series are suspected to be specifically presented to target the Entry-level class. that is, with RAM with 3GB + 32GB Internal

Price of Samsung Galaxy M11 Series

samsung galaxy m11 price

Despite having a fairly reliable spec, this super gahar technology manufacturer is priced quite lightly, you know. Yep, all you have to do is spend IDR 2 million (3/32GB). Affordable right? Where there is a smartphone with a lot of advantages for only Rp. 2 million. Interested? Quick wholesale!

Know the advantages and disadvantages of the luxury M series

As mentioned above, you can see how the specifications and prices for the M series are right. Now it’s time to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Samsung Galaxy M11? Let’s slide into the following discussion!

Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy M11 Series

The advantages of samsung galaxy m11

1. Triple Camera Dengan Detail Ultra wide

Compared to the previous type, the M11 front camera has increased. Yep, equipped with a triple camera with ultrawide features. This ultrawide allows you to enjoy a 115-degree angle of view so that the camera capture becomes wider.

For Lens depth sensor is useful for optimizing Live Focus. The implication is to produce photos with a blurry background display. Wow, that’s really cool! For those who like selfies, it’s calmer with an 8MP front camera with a take photo feature with a wider angle.

2. Ultimate Infinity-O Display

Abandoning the fun design of the Infinity-V Display, the M11 comes captivating with a blazing Infinity-O Display. In addition, this type of Samsung has a 6.4-inch screen that fits in the hand. Even more exotic when the tempting color is able to make your appearance even more perfect. Interested?

3. Big Battery With Fast Charging Feature

Has super dense mobility, definitely wants to fill me up faster right? Well, in samsung galaxy m11 there is already a fast charging system via post USB Type-C 15 W that you can use. In addition, the 5,000mAh battery capacity is powerful enough to accompany your day.

4. Android 10.0 with One UI 2.0 update

Like other types, the Samsung M series is also equipped with operating system updates. Namely, android 10.0 with all its advantages. In addition, you will enjoy the convenience of the One UI2.0 interface which is considered light and has minimal promotions compared to its competitors.

5. Fingerprint and Face Recognition Based Security Features

The advantages of this type of Samsung Galaxy M11 are in the security features. Equipped with a fingerprint sensor with a physical type located on the back. Still not enough? The M11 will be better equipped with the face recognition system security. So it’s even safer!

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy M11 Ponsel

Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy M11

Yep, of course nothing is perfect, mate. Generally there are advantages as well as disadvantages. Well, this Samsung Galaxy M Series has the following drawbacks;

1. Phone screen is not AMOLED yet

Still using the old type, this sophisticated mobile screen is equipped with a TFT type. The detailed resolution is HD + 720×1560 pixels. So many kick him in the eye. You know, if Samsung is famous for its complete screen type Super AMOLED Panel. But, back to taste anyway!

2. Kitchen Run with Old Components

The M11, which is embedded in the Snap dragon 450 chipset, turns out to be quite old school, you know, my friend! Although it has been officially released with an Octa-core 1.8GHz system, in fact this luxury has a Snapdragon 450 chipset. Which is quite old because this system was launched in 2017.

But, even so the kitchen runway owned by this ginseng country manufacturer can be competed, you know! The reason is, the M11 is considered competent enough to carry out its performance, even with old components that are considered lagging behind. But, you can try the potency, don’t you believe it? Prove it for yourself!

So, what do you think, friend, already know the full review, right? Or do you have your own version review? Yep, hope the article samsung galaxy m11 this can help yes. Play other interesting and unique information. Don’t forget to visit, okay?

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