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IIB Darmajaya Lecturers and Students Provide Budikdamber Training to Children of Rumah As Sakinah

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IIB Darmajaya Lecturers and Students Give Budikdamber Training to Children of Rumah As Sakinah

PKM IIB Darmajaya held Budikdamber training at Rumah Asuh As Sakinah | IIB Darmajaya

BANDAR LAMPUNG ( Lecturer IIB Darmajaya did community service (PKM) by providing training in bucket fish cultivation (Budikdamber) at As Sakinah Orphanage, Way Semangka Road, Pahoman, North Telukbetung, Sunday and Tuesday (8.10/8/2021). The PKM activities are funded by the Directorate of Research and Community Service, the Directorate General of Research Strengthening and Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

PKM activities are chaired by Rahmalia Syahputri, S.Kom., M.Eng.Sc., with two members Jaka Darmawan, SE, M.Ak. and Nurfiana, S.Kom., M.Kom and four students consisting of Information Systems Study Program and Informatics Engineering Study Program, namely Muhammad Alifiya, Andra Ramadhan Pratama, M. Alkahfiansyah, and Muhammad Miftahul Jinan. The training activities are carried out in strict compliance with the Covid-19 health protocol. Rahmalia Syahputri said Community Service activities at Rumah As Sakinah include training, focus group discussions, mentoring and monitoring. “The training was attended by 24 foster children, five musyrif, and one administrator,” he said. Still, he said, the Budikdamber training includes the introduction of cultivation tools and materials, preparing bucket media, preparing planting media, and work safety. “We have also provided 10 buckets with 100 plastic cups along with chili, tomato, kale, and mustard seeds for Budikdamber as well as a thousand catfish which the participants put into practice immediately,” he said. This Informatics Engineering Study Program lecturer explained that participants also received material from Budikdamber Founder Juli Nursandi about the role of Budikdamber in food security. “We also present the caretaker of the Budi Mulya Orphanage, Ustaz Ahmad Turnuzie, who shares his experience in Budikdamber since the end of 2019 with our assistance,” he added. This community service, continued Rahmalia, aims to make Rumah As Sakinah able to produce food security and children and administrators have Budikdamber skills. “Previously, we also saw that Rumah As Sakinah is an institution whose human resources do not yet have the knowledge and skills of fish and vegetable cultivation, so scheduled and continuous assistance and monitoring are needed,” he explained. Meanwhile, Representative of As Sakinah House, Ahmad Mustofa expressed his gratitude for the concern of Lecturer IIB Darmajaya to provide knowledge about Budikdamber. “With Budikdamber also making the need for vegetables for food at Rumah As Sakinah greatly helped,” he said. Children, he continued, also have skills that can be of economic value. “We can also use narrow land to be more productive and productive,” he concluded. (***)

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