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What is Bluetooth and How Does It Work? What is the difference between WiFi Direct and Bluetooth?

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Interesting Facts, terms Bluetooth named after the ancient Viking king, Harald Blåtand, who united Denmark and Norway. Then the word Blåtand is translated to Bluetooth. This post will share about Bluetooth, how it works, and the differences between WiFi and Bluetooth.

What is Bluetooth and How Does It Work?

At this age and time, Bluetooth needs no introduction. It is a wireless protocol or peer-to-peer wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate over short distances for data transfer. Those who have used it for a long time also know that it was also used for Internet sharing in the early stages of the Internet.

Nowadays, it’s commonly used to connect earphones, connect to PC, wireless Mouse, and all kinds of things but don’t have to transfer files because it takes too long, and now we have a faster way to send files.

Bluetooth uses the 2.45 GHz frequency range to connect to other Bluetooth devices. One of the biggest advantages of using them is that they don’t consume a lot of power. Many still prefer it for device-to-device transfers if they are too concerned about unsecured Wifi connections.

Internally, Bluetooth can use any of the 79 channels to pair with multiple devices, ensuring no interference. The protocol has been leveled up, and it is possible to stay connected with multiple Bluetooth devices. So you can sync your Smartwatch while you are still listening to music.

One device must be in search mode to connect two devices, while the other must be in pairing mode. Once an attempt to connect is made and confirmed, the device can now connect via the specified channel. Once the devices recognize each other, they will automatically connect when they find each other.

What is the difference between WiFi Direct and Bluetooth?

WiFi and Bluetooth are two very different technologies and use cases. Instead, We can compare Wifi Direct and Bluetooth. Although it has grown, one of the biggest problems with Bluetooth is that it is still slow when it comes to file transfers.

While there are other ways, everything has to be via the internet. That’s where WiFi Direct comes in. Did you know that you can use to connect two smartphones via WiFi without internet? They connect to each other as if someone had connected to a Wifi network, and can then find each other for file transfers. It is also called a Peer-to-Peer WiFi network.

Since it is Wifi, file transfers occur at a much higher speed, almost 20 times faster than is possible via Bluetooth. However, it will consume very high energy costs compared to Bluetooth.

BluetoothWifi1.Low power consumption High power consumption2.Less secureBetter security via Bluetooth3.Limited parallel connectionSupports large number of devices4.Limited to 10-50 metersMore than 100 meters5.Useful for connecting to devices with low data transfer amountUseful for transferring data in bulk as files.

How is the development of Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has evolved over time. While version 3 offers faster communication, 4.0 launches Bluetooth Low Energy to reduce battery drain on smartphones, and now with Bluetooth 5.0 in the picture, you get another boost in speed, range and bandwidth.

Compared to version 4, Bluetooth 5.0 offers twice the speed, nearly 4 times the range, and significantly less power. It makes for a modern device to use on the move. Due to improved performance in every aspect, Bluetooth is also growing in popularity among IoT devices.

Is WiFi Direct different from WiFi?

Technically not. The former builds on the latter, and they are the same except for WiFi Direct, it will communicate between the two devices for high-speed data transfer. If you use it frequently on your phone, it will drain the battery.

What is the purpose of Wifi Direct other than File transfer?

This eliminates the need for a router for a short duration. If you need to share Wifi internet that is already connected to other devices, this is very useful. Devices can connect directly to each other with better speed and security.

Can WiFi interfere with Bluetooth?

Bluetooth uses the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, the same frequency that has dominated Wifi for a long time. So if there are two lots of devices on the same radio frequency, chances are. However, this rarely happens.

How to stop Bluetooth from connecting to other devices?

Once connected, the device will automatically connect when it is near. While useful, it becomes a nuisance when the same device, such as earphones, is connected to more than one device. Although you can disconnect, a better way is to connect than to do it automatically manually. You can set preferences for all other devices except those you use frequently.

I hope this guide was clear enough to understand the basic differences between Wifi Direct and Bluetooth. It is important to understand that each technology has its own limitations and advantages. So what matters is where they are used.

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