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Five Ways to Make the Impression of Thinner Cheeks

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Jogja, ( –This thin-cheeked face trend actually emerged when celebrities and beautiful models were synonymous with thin faces and slender bodies. Not only that, the trend of a thin face continues to spread in society with many new innovations appearing. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money if you want to do plastic surgery. But if you don’t want to take that risk, making thin cheeks isn’t as difficult as you might think. You just need to set a strategy when dressing up. What are the ways? Let’s check it!

Sorting Glasses Shapes

As with glasses, choose glasses with black and wider frames. Try looking for glasses that are rectangular in shape. Glasses that are wider than your face will make your face look smaller.

The Right Haircut

Also avoid hairstyles that are too curly, big and fluffy hair will actually make your head look bigger than it actually is. Especially if there are bangs flat on the forehead. Flat bangs will make your face look short and round. So you should choose bangs that extend to the side. Side bangs will frame your face more and make it look thinner.

Kucir Rambut

When you want to wash your hair, it’s best to let a few strands of hair fall near your face. The strands of hair will frame the face and disguise the cheeks and chin so that the face looks thinner. Or you can style your hair in a braid. With a hairstyle like that will give the impression of a longer and thinner face of course.

Facial Exercise

Apart from rearranging the appearance, another way to get thin cheeks is to diligently do facial exercises. Facial exercises will slowly change the appearance of the cheeks by tightening the muscles in the face. There are many movements in facial exercises, such as chew gum, XO movement, jaw opening, cheek lifting, fish lip, cheek sucking, lion face, facial face, and finally smile. Perform ten facial exercises for several for 5 to 10 minutes with alternating movements. By doing so slowly little by little can make your cheeks look thinner.

Make Up

The easiest step is to make up! Yes, you can work around this with some makeup tools like brushes blush on, sponge makeup, blush on two colors for highlight, foundation and powder. First of all, use foundation according to your skin type evenly from face to neck.

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